A Whole Week of Whole Foods (or I Ate Way Too Much Junk on Vacation)

English: Fried cheese curds
English: Fried cheese curds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Awww, Minnesota, you do this to me every time… On second thought, so do most places I visit on vacation. Maybe I need to stop traveling. From Old Dutch Dill Pickle Potato Chips to fried cheese curds to rhubarb crisp to mayo infused “salads”… the list goes on and on. My tummy was happy at times and hurting at others. Either way, I have an extra inch around my waist that’s not welcome here. And, if I’m totally honest, I’m just kinda over it. For me, overindulgence results in a major desire to eat clean for a while. In doing so, I usually reset my palette (i.e. Eliminate my desire for dessert after EVERY meal) and I feel more energy.

So here’s the plan: One Week of Whole Foods (not the grocery store). That’s right people, I’m actually going to COOK, like with recipes that have INGREDIENTS and CHOPPING and such. At one time I cooked a lot (minor exaggeration), but Grad School and Baby have gotten me into the habit of making quick meals that usually involve defrosting already prepared ingredients. Granted, our meals are still “healthy” by most standards (thank you Trader Joe’s!) but they’re not utilizing a lot of fresh ingredients that I have purposely selected. So, with a little help from the blog 100 Days of Real Food and the cookbook People Friendly Food, I have devised a weekly menu (this is a big deal people).

Here it is:

Monday: Greek Chicken Fajitas (I’m super excited about making the Tzatziki sauce!)

Tuesday: Grilled Veggie Kabobs w/Quinoa

Wednesday: Veggie Quesadillas (Utilizing Leftover Grilled Veggies)

Thursday: Eating at Life Group

Friday: Macaroni Gratin with Kalamata Olives (Vegan!)

Saturday: Something with Ground Turkey (Any ideas?)

I’m also going to make the Whole Wheat Banana Bread so that we can have something sweet but healthy for the week. Hopefully this plan will help us to feel better and to get back into healthy eating habits.

What do you do to “reset” after vacation/the holidays/a lapse of general caring for anything nutritious?

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