Minnesota Lovin’

We’ve been having a grand old time here inPreston, Minnesota! Preston is a sweet, quaint town in Southeastern Minnesota. This is where Caleb’s family is from. I’ve only been here once before and it’s so nice to be back. I wish that we could come more often.

Luca has been getting lots of love out here in Minnesota from family who hadn’t met him yet. From great-grands to cousins to old family friends- everyone wants a piece of sweet Luca Bear. Luckily, he’s been great about being passed around. I think he loves all the new playmates!

I’ve been eating way too much but hopefully we’re making-up for it with all of the beautiful nature walks.There’s a beautiful bike trail that runs next to the town and into another small town nearby. Each summer the trail brings tourists looking for some country serenity. It really does feel like another world out here. I’ve had spotty cell and Internet service- a nice reprieve from my frequent Facebook, email, and text checking. Here are some photos from our trip thus far…. You’ll see my favorite MN guilty pleasure (Old Dutch, you need to come to Cali!!), a view of the countryside, our trip to Lanesboro, playtime with Gigi & Papa, and Luca with his Great Grandma Hanson. Life is good. 🙂










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