I Must Be the Mom of a 6 Month Old Because…

20130524-091407.jpg10. Around every corner of my home I see something that could fall on, electrocute, poison, or cause some sort of irreparable damage to my semi-mobile kid.

9. Half of my wardrobe is too big… the other half is too small.

8. I’ve never been more afraid of apple slices in my life.

20130524-091235.jpg7. I actually have to go out and buy baby clothes.

6. I’m starting to wonder if I’m raising a future dictator.

5. Breastfeeding is starting to feel like a round of MMA.

4. I’m starting to think, “Pregnancy/Birth/Postpartum wasn’t really that bad, right?”

3. My triceps are starting to look dang good.

2. Bangs aren’t just a trendy ‘do they’re secretly hiding my hair re-growth.

1. Now, teeth, once an eagerly anticipated milestone, aren’t quite as cute as I once thought.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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