The 60 Minute Sippy Cup Search

Kid Basix Safe Sippy. Little too advanced for us at this point...
Kid Basix Safe Sippy. Little too advanced for us at this point…

I just spent one whole hour of my life searching online for sippy cup. I wish I was kidding. I hear that first time moms do this kind of thing. Apparently, it gets progressively better with each new child…. but I don’t know that I can wait for kids number 2 and 3 for these shenanigans to stop. ONE WHOLE HOUR SEARCHING ONLINE FOR A SIPPY CUP. Just let that sink in. That’s not ok.

You are wondering, “How on earth could such a bright, young, emotionally-stable person ever fall into a black hole of online-sippy-cup-searching?” I will answer you. First, thank you for the compliment, I’ve been questioning all three of those characteristics lately. Second, it happened to me, and it can happen to you! Here’s how: I want the best for my child. We all want the best for our children, right? Well, there’s this wonderful thing called the Internet, invented by humble politician Al Gore (j/k) and made popular by the 1990’s film The Net starring Sandra Bullock. Do not be deceived. While the Internet has achieved billions of followers world-wide, it is also the most overwhelming invention ever created. You see, it seems that it will make life easier. Why, practically everything you could ever want is right at your finger tips! Yet, its monstrous amount of information will swallow you whole without even blinking an eye.

So, you combine your passion to find what’s best for your child with the seemingly unlimited amount of information regarding what’s best for your child and BAM! You are sucked into the black hole! It goes like this…


Hmm… The pediatrician said I should give my kid water now. I need a sippy cup!

But how could I ever find THE right sippy cup for my kid, I only have a Master’s Degree…

I know!! I’ll find a blogger with similar values who will recommend the perfect sippy cup!

Yes!!! This chick is eco-friendly, hates BPA, and is a Christian! Surely, she will recommend the sippy cup we need!

(Searching…. Searching….)

Amazon has no sippy cups the blogger has recommended….

I HAVE to get it from Amazon because I’m already buying toilet paper from Amazon

Plus they have free shipping… and I’ll get it in two days. I NEED TO FIND A SIPPY CUP ON AMAZON!!!!

Ok, I’m just going to stop there before I drive you all crazy and frankly, reliving it is sort of traumatizing. So, if you are in need of  THE perfect sippy cup, here is the best list I could find. Hopefully it will help you to avoid the Sippy Cup Black Hole.

The Nuk Learner Cup. BPA free, inexpensive, easy for my 7 Month Old. Also comes in blue. SOLD.

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5 thoughts on “The 60 Minute Sippy Cup Search

    • I have three children. My first two had no prbelom swiching from formula to milk. My 1st had a milk allergy as an infant and transitioned well from soy to whole milk. And my second was breastfed until she was 6 months. It has been 4 years since I had a baby in the house, and have forgotten some of the techniques used with my first two cildren (my oldest turned 2 two weeks before my second came along) So to get ready for my third childs 1st birthday next Thursday, Oct.6 I have been putting her formula in her sippy cup twice a day. And last night she went to sleep without a bed time bottle. I gave her formula around 6, then she had some dinner around 7:30. By 8 she was ready for her bath and bed. I am hoping we can continue this routine, until she gets no bottles during the day, and can take no formula.


  1. As a side note… My aunt, who is a nurse, just went to a conference that is suggesting that sippy cups, due to the way children overuse them (by crawling and or walking around with them since they don’t spill as easily), actually can impede mouth and speech development. So she told me that according to this seminar it’s better to use a regular cup or a regular cup with a straw because then its not constant use but I think this is in regards to older babies…anyways just thought I’d share…


  2. Haha I can’t post a photo in my comment. But I click on your link for the perfect cup you found… And it said “ooops” with a picture of Mickey Mouse!!
    I’ve been looking for an hour too.


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