Friday Funny: Assessing the State of the World Through Google Search

Am I the only one who loves seeing the auto-response list from Google when I am searching for something? Like, I mean, I get giddy. Oh, and if someone is searching for the same thing I was searching for, I just think that is SO awesome. “How crazy is that!” I’ll shout with glee as I shove my phone in Caleb’s face so he can see it too,”So many people must have searched for this too that it’s on the auto-response!” “Yeah…uh huh…,” is usually his response. Apparently, it’s not as fascinating to him as it is to me. For some reason I see it as evidence that we are all connected. It think it’s sweet.

But, there is ONE thing I like EVEN MORE than the cosmic internet jinx, and that’s when people search crazy weird stuff that comes-up on the auto-repsonse. It’s hilarious what a LOT of people must be searching for. I’ll admit, sometimes it’s downright scary or sad. Usually though, it just makes me laugh. It’s like looking into the perpetual underwear drawer of the universe. Just in case some of you might have the same fascination as me, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. (That’s right, I actually started collecting them, don’t judge me.)









Well, that’s all for now! Hope you all have a Happy Friday!

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