The Quest for the Perfect Birth Control Has Ended… Hopefully


I’m feeling a little weird about broadcasting my birth control decision on the internet but quite a few of you seemed to relate to my post about trying to find a new birth control option so I figured I’d get over myself and share what I’ve discovered. After going to my new Ob/Gyn, Dr. Christina Lee, (who is super sweet, btw) I felt very confident about the Copper IUD option. The questions that I asked were as follows:

1. Will I be able to get pregnant again? Yes, I could get pregnant as early as the next month after the device has been removed.

2. Does it cause scarring? No.

3. What are the side effects? My periods could be heavier and possibly more intense. The IUD causes a hostile environment for sperm which also causes more removal of the uterine lining which could cause more cramping. Few women find this to be so problematic that they have to remove the IUD but it is a risk. Most women experienced more normal periods after the IUD had been in place for 6 months.

4. What is the insertion procedure like? It takes about 5 minutes to insert and the side-effects are mild-moderate cramping. Some spotting is possible.

After my question and answer session, they took a urine sample to ensure that I didn’t have any STD’s that could possibly cause infection. They then called my insurance company and reported that the device would be 100% covered. My appointment to have the IUD placed was scheduled a few weeks later.

* * *

I had the IUD placed a couple of days ago. The procedure was pretty smooth and quick. Is anyone a fan of those types of procedures? I’m definitely not. They’re always so uncomfortable. Luckily it was very fast and fairly painless.I did have moderate cramping afterwards but felt much better after a nice hot bath and some Ibuprofen. The next day, I continued to have mild cramping and slight spotting.

I’m hoping that this birth control works well with my body. I am scheduled to see my doctor in two months for a check-up. At that time I can address any concerns I may have and she can make sure everything is looking good. Let’s pray that it is because this is the only birth control option that seemed appealing to me!

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2 thoughts on “The Quest for the Perfect Birth Control Has Ended… Hopefully

  1. Read this a little too late I see. 🙂 Baby number 5 for me turns 2 in Sept. Still not fully sure if this is the last one, but pert damn near positive that this is it. Anyways, found this for you if you are interested in sharing. I think this will be the option I take when I make my final decision.


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