How to Photograph Your Baby’s First Tooth (In Pictures)

Of course, when Luca got his first tooth a couple of weeks ago, we were pretty excited. Yes, the actual birthing of the tooth wasn’t very fun (more on that another time) but seeing the finished product was so fun! The only problem? Trying to capture that elusive little tooth on camera!! Our parents don’t live near us so we really wanted a photo of the tooth to share with them. Trying to photograph your baby’s first tooth is like trying to juggle jell-o. Not fun. We quickly realized that we would need to make this a team effort. Caleb tried to open his mouth while I photographed. Here’s what happened…




My personal favorite:


We finally gave up and then just today I managed to snap this photo! Look closely… you can see TWO teeth!


How cute is that? He was laughing really excitedly so I stealthily whipped out the old iPhone and took a pic as fast as I could! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a better one soon! Happy Friday!

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