Move Over Adele! I’m My Baby’s Favorite Pop Star

I’m not really a great singer. I’ve been told I can at least sing on key which is always a good thing, but I’m no Adele, that’s for sure. Last weekend we lost our precious Sleep Monkey, so I was forced to resort to my mediocre singing voice to help Luca fall asleep. Thank heaven my baby has no clue that I can’t sing well! Let’s just say I’m Adele in his eyes. The only problem? I don’t really know any children’s lullabies! I thought I did… but as soon as I start singing one, I panic as I run out of lyrics. I can only sing Journey’s “Faithfully” so many times before it starts to get old. Enter: Baby Tales.

There’s a delightful little shop here in the OC called, Granola Babies. Every Wednesday they host an hour of baby fun called, “Baby Tales.” I’ve heard that this is the place to get your nursery rhyme learn on. So, I took little Luca Bear and one of my pregnant Mama friends, Amanda. Here’s how it went down:

Granola Babies has an awesome “Community Room” attached to their boutique.
We started-off by introducing ourselves and our babies.
Our instructor started off with “Where is Thumbkin?” It’s still stuck in my head, by the way!
She threw in a couple of stories in between songs…
Luca loved playing with Amanda during the “Beehive Song.”
I think Luca enjoyed looking at the other babies more than anything!
I can’t resist these little wooden toys! Participants of “Baby Tales” received 10% off their same day purchase!

Well, I may not have learned any new lullabies to help Luca fall asleep, but I did learn some entertaining little ditties! If nothing more, it’s just nice to get out of the house and see other Mamas.

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3 thoughts on “Move Over Adele! I’m My Baby’s Favorite Pop Star

  1. So fun! I wanna go next time! Chris got Barrett that same toy for Christmas. I think it’s about time to start playing with it!


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