Adventures in Co-Sleeping: Mission Accomplished

Friends, I am happy to report that Operation Good Night’s Sleep has been successfully completed. With a little tweak here and some creativity there, our co-sleeper is now more an extension of our bed. Thus, we have no need for upgrading to a king size bed just yet.

I’ll admit, the changes that we made are in no way endorsed or encouraged by Arm’s Reach, but we know that Luca will be safe. If you are considering tweaking your co-sleeper, take your baby’s developmental stage into consideration. For example, Luca can easily lift and turn his head so having extra padding on the mattress will be ok. Also, he’s not yet pulling himself up so raising the mattress won’t be an issue either. Once he starts pulling himself to standing, we’re going to need to re-evaluate the situation.

So, here’s what I did… We rose the co-sleeper with the height extenders created by Arm’s Reach. Then, I cut up a LOT of cardboard and put it under the mattress to raise it up so that it would be level with our mattress.


Here’s Luca enjoying it!


This has been quite the journey but so far it’s been worth it!

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4 thoughts on “Adventures in Co-Sleeping: Mission Accomplished

  1. Hmmm, I’m so glad you shared what you did here because we have a similar issue. Our co-sleeper “rail” is level with our bed and then the co-sleeper mattress is lower than ours. It’s not as big of a drop as yours was, but I still don’t really want him rolling off of it. Also, I would really prefer the co-sleeper mattress to be the same height as ours so he feels like it’s still part of our bed. Right now the co-sleeper admittedly doesn’t really get used for its intended purpose because Alex really prefers to be RIGHT NEXT to me, and that’s not possible with the different levels. I’d thought about raising the mattress but hadn’t heard how anyone else had actually done it or how it worked out. I may have to look for a bunch of cardboard!


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