On Starting Solids and Not Freaking Out

So, Luca turned 5 months old this past week. Normally, the 5 month mark isn’t any kind of exciting achievement but it was in our home. We actually decided to start letting Luca try some solid foods today. What that means is, we put a teaspoon amount of smashed avocado on a tray and waited to see what Luca would do. I wasn’t planning on starting solids this early. I really thought that we would wait until he was over 6 months but, you know, we just really felt like he was ready.

Our pediatrician even recommended that we start last month, I didn’t feel he was quite ready yet though. Here’s what I found online:

Signs That Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Food

Experts all agree that there are obvious signs when your baby is ready to start eating solids. Here is a comprehensive list of those signs. Please remember, even though you may get pressure from others to start your baby on solids, your baby will let you know when the time is right.

  • Baby is at least 4 months old but somewhere between 4 and 6 months.

  • Baby has doubled birth weight.

  • Baby can sit upright with support and has the ability to “lean in” for more food.

  • Baby can turn away to show that mealtime is over.

  • Baby seems very interested in what you are eating.

  • Baby seems consistently hungry after nursing or drinking a bottle.

  • Baby can swallow food vs. instinctively pushing it out with tongue.

  • Baby can bring an object to his/her mouth.

Luca showed all of these signs. I wasn’t sure that he would swallow but when we gave him the avocado he did just that. Here’s how it went down:

I’ll admit, moving to this next phase was exciting but also scary. What if he’s allergic? What if he chokes on something? What if it’s too early? I finally just took a deep breath. Caleb and I both really felt like Luca was ready. It’s not like we gave him a steak or anything. For now, he’ll just get “little tastes” as I like to call them, until we’re really ready to step it up.
I’m realizing more and more that as parents, we have to balance expert advice with our parental instincts. Developmentally, Luca was ready. Psychologically, we were ready too. I felt in my heart that he was ready and then I confirmed with the “experts” that it was safe and appropriate. The “expert” advice helped me to have the confidence to move forward even though it wasn’t in my original plan (why I even bothered having a “plan,” I’m not sure). This next phase will be fun as we navigate introducing foods. Although, I’m not so excited for the stinkier poop and avocado messes…but I must admit, I’m excited to be a baby food chef!
What are your favorite baby food recipes/gadgets??
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4 thoughts on “On Starting Solids and Not Freaking Out

  1. Your blog is officially starting to freak me out! Ha ha! It’s crazy how our baby topics and issues are so close. We just feed Ella avocado yesterday. I wasn’t even planning it. I was eating a salad with avocado I had just bought from the farmers market and felt the urge to give her some. My husband was there and we went for it. First gave her a bite off my fork then placed a slice on her Bumbo tray. She didnt seem as enthusiastic as Luca. But I would call it a success.


  2. Wow, solids. I am no where near ready to think about solids yet, but avocado is an excellent choice. I have thought about introducing bland foods before the really flavorful ones so that Cody has a wide range of foods he may enjoy (we’ll see if it works, ha). We still have a few months to go yet, but I will definitely refer back to this post when it’s time so that I know whether he’s ready or not (of course I’ll ask the doctor as well).


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