Questions for My 5 Month Old

To My Sweet Baby Boy,
If only you could talk, maybe you could help me understand some things that confuse me…
Like, why do you cry when meeting some strangers and not others? It would be great if you could cry at the eccentric lady we met at the grocery store and not at my friends whom I’ve known for years… just a thought.

I’m also wondering about last night, you chose to wake me up every two hours when I know that you can sleep longer than that. So, what’s going on? Gas? Growth spurt? Teething? Separation anxiety? You see, a lot of people who write big books are telling me what’s wrong, but I’d rather go to the source. So anytime you want to let me know, I’m all ears.

I’ve noticed that you love our dog Leroy. Every time he walks by you smile with delight, it’s really pretty adorable. But then, when I try to take you to the zoo to see other animals you show no interest. I’m confused.

Why is it that the plastic jar that is basically trash is far more appealing to you than the expensive Baby Einstein toy I bought you? (Not that I’m complaining!)

Do you know how stinkin’ cute you are? You have way cuter clothes than me, your skin is ridiculously soft, and your smile literally lights up an entire room. Just thought you should know.

Why is your poop so different (read: weird) on some days? I’m eating pretty much the same stuff, you’re definitely eating the same stuff… I don’t get it…

When you do that really high-pitched Pterodactyl noise, are you happy? Angry? Overwhelmed? It’s really hard to tell. (PS Yes, that’s really how you spell pterodactyl)

And lastly, when you do your cool little tricks like rolling over, using sign language, giggling ecstatically, etc. Would you mind waiting until I have my camera ready? People are starting to think Mommy is a liar. Thanks!


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7 thoughts on “Questions for My 5 Month Old

  1. love this, and I love you both. You are right, he lights up a room with that sweet face. I didn’t get the chance last night to spend much time with him, but EVERY time I looked over he brought a smile to my face.


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