What I’m Reading Now

I love it when bloggers post what they’re reading, probably because I’m kind of a book junkie. I figured I should probably return the favor. You will notice that I’m reading a few books. Don’t be deceived, I’ll probably be reading the same books two months from now, I’m not a fast reader. I read buffet style, take a little here, have a little more from over there… It’s just how I roll. So, here’s what’s on the menu this month:


Touchpoints has been incredibly helpful so far. I don’t agree with every single thing that Dr. Brazelton endorses, but pretty close. He explains child development in a very friendly, yet comprehensive way. He’s the kind of author that I wish I could have lunch with, he just seems like a nice guy who really knows his stuff.


This is another book that was recommended to me by my Child Growth & Development professor from grad. school. I’m really glad she recommended it. Greenspan focuses on the parental-child relationship and how it impacts development. He also gives practical tools and ideas for fostering that relationship. For example, this month we’ve been playing “The Smiling Game.” Who doesn’t want to play that??


Ok, this one’s more of a mindless read and it’s pretty good. If you liked Twilight and Hunger Games you may like this series. It’s fun. I also just heard that they’ll be adapting it into a film so jump on the bandwagon now!Image

I read this book in school and it really impacted my life. Whether you are religious or not, you can get so much out of this book. It’s about spirituality and how it is at the core of our being. I decided to read it again because it is a beautiful reminder of the important things in life. It is written as a series of letters from a Catholic priest (Nouwen) to his secular friend, who personally asked Nouwen to write to him about the spiritual life. It’s some really profound and heartwarming stuff. It’s also a very short read. You have to read this one!

Alrighty, well, that’s what I’m up to this month! Hope to hear what good stuff you’re reading!

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