Feel the Fear and Birth Anyway

I had to share this post with my readers because it touches on a subject that I am very passionate about. As you may have read in my post “I am Birthing, Hear Me Roar,” I have struggled with feelings of disappointment and shame regarding my birth experience. This post brought me closer to healing. I am so thankful that I read it! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!



This is just a little post to ease me back into the blogging world (thesis finally submitted). As usual, the content is in response to a reoccurring issue and discussions with mothers and midwives. And I welcome your experiences and comments on this topic…

In a backlash against the medicalisation of birth women are beginning to reclaim birth (yay!). Partly thanks to the availability of information via the internet, a counter culture has emerged. Movies, images and stories of empowered birthing mothers circulate through social media – women birthing in beautiful calm environments (usually in water, surrounded by candles), looking like Goddesses whilst gently and quietly ‘breathing’ their baby out. Women are able to see how birth can be, and many are inspired and driven to create a birth experience like those they watch.

Whilst these images can assist in building self-trust for mothers as they approach birth, they do not tell…

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3 thoughts on “Feel the Fear and Birth Anyway

  1. Love this! We all need to buoy each other up and give ourselves more credit. We rock! Our bodies are made to make a baby and that’s awesome!! I remember I totally sucked at practicing our relaxation methods from our Bradley class, and when birth got closer I was so worried. But I just kept telling myself ‘It’s ok. If I am bad at relaxing, this baby is STILL coming!’ But that was still my #1 fear, what if I’m bad at it. My labor was 39 1/2 hours. Exhausting! And I did have difficulty relaxing! I finally was able to ‘let go’ at the very end. Who knows if I was able to finally figure it out, or from pure exhaustion. But I remember the next day Cory said to me ‘I wonder if your labor would have been shorter if you let go sooner.’ Ugh! Knife to the chest. He totally didn’t mean it rude at all, just a simple observation. But I was so overly sensitive and it made my fear come true. I was so hurt by that. I felt like I had inconvenienced everyone and that I did fail at my relaxation. I struggled with my labor and birth for a little bit too. I felt like I was a huge baby and I screamed so loud at one point and was super embarrassed about it. But I realized that everyone is different, and I guarantee there are people ‘worse’ than me. But it shouldn’t be best or worst. Everyone is different! And who cares! The end result is almost always joyous and that is what should be the focus and the prize. 🙂


  2. Great post. I asked myself what fear I dealt with during labor. #1 I CAN’T do this. #2 If I am not nice they (my midwife, doula, hubby, mom and sister) might leave then I really can’t do this. I have never felt so vulnerable in my life.
    Everyone encounters fear it’s how we deal with it that gives us the opportunity to grow from it. I would like to think I’m less fearful after giving birth. Shortly after the birth my doula checked on us at home. She asked how I was coping with the first few postpartum days. I replied “Everything is great! She’s out.”I wasn’t afraid of taking care of a newborn because I gained strength for my long hard labor. I learned that I CAN do this. I DID it!


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