Dear Luca, You Once Had a Pup Named Abby…





Dear Luca,

You once had a pup named Abby. She was a peculiar pup, sometimes your Daddy and I would wonder if she was from another planet! She was confused by the most common household items like faucets and the washing machine. Sometimes we would catch her staring at things as if she was trying to figure them out. She was such a silly girl!


We found Abby at the LA Boxer Rescue, I knew I wanted her right away. Your Dad was a little worried because Abby was deaf and he wasn’t sure if we would be able to care for her properly. But I knew she was the right one for us. Your dad agreed and so did Leroy. We brought her home the very same day we met her. This is what she looked like then:



She was skin and bones! And also very stinky! I gave her a bath the second we got home! Soon she filled-out and became a healthy little girl.




Once Abby became accustomed to our home, she loved to play, snuggle, and groom Leroy. She grew especially fond of your Daddy. Here she is doing one of her favorite things, snuggling on the bed:




Abby was sweet to you. Even before you were born she was very curious about you:

Snider (16)

Once you were old enough, you became very curious about her too! When she walked past you, you were filled with delight and would often reach out to try to touch her:




Abby was a very sweet and unique dog. I loved her playful and nurturing spirit. I am so sad that you won’t remember her. Before she left us I asked her for a favor. I asked her to come visit you in your dreams so that you could go on adventures together. I think you two would have a blast! For now, we hope that Abby is playing in Heaven with her sister Libby and brother Bodhi. We love our Abby girl and will never forget her!




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2 thoughts on “Dear Luca, You Once Had a Pup Named Abby…

  1. I’m so sorry Jaclyn! I will be praying for you guys as you adjust to life without Abby. I deeply dread when that day comes for me, so I imagine it’s extremely difficult.


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