Marvelous March Finds

March was a month of some sweet discoveries from earth-lovin’ toothbrushes to finger-lickin’ recipes. Here’s what I found…

Preserve: Recycled/Recyclable Toothbrushes

preservetb-mail-back-sm_1I found this crunchy delight at Trader Joe’s. Not only is this toothbrush made from recycled yogurt cups but it actually comes in a ready-to-mail package so that it can be recycled again. I also really like the sleek design of the brush. On their website you can subscribe to receive toothbrushes on a regular basis. They also have other recycled products like cute food storage containers.

Baby Bow Ties from Aidie’s Hideawayil_570xN.435682531_7pbf

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bow ties from Aidie’s Hideaway! Of course, Luca had one for Easter and he was pretty adorable in it if you ask me! I’ve been drooling over the cute hair pretties and home garlands in Aidie’s Hideaway for a while but this Mama could not resist getting one of these bow ties.

108569525_b6528bbe52_b-290x173The Good Men Project

As the new mom of a little boy, I’ve been intrigued by this blog. The Good Men Project is a collaborative project that covers mens’ issues. One article that I found particularly noteworthy was about the gender gap that has been growing in schools from elementary school all the way through college. It seems that the number of boys succeeding in school has been steadily declining. Issues such as these weren’t even on my radar until I began subscribing to this blog.

People Friendly Food Cookbook by 2CleverCooks2CleverCooks_Cover_web-480x600pixels

You will not believe the delicious recipes inside this gem of a cookbook! The authors created recipes of hearty comfort food for those who have all different types of allergies. What’s really great about this book is that the recipes are customizable to fit with your dietary needs. They offer great alternatives for commonly offensive foods such as nuts, eggs, dairy, soy and gluten. The best part is, you get to eat great food without feeling like you’re missing out!

Well, there are my favorite March finds! Anything you found that I need to know about?

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