Dear Luca,

The unfortunate turn of events with our pup, Abby, has inspired me to begin writing a series of letters to Luca about the things in his life that I wish he could remember.

Dear Luca,

I wish you could remember so many things about your life right now. I wish you could remember the first time you smiled (at Daddy in the pediatrician’s office) or the first time you laughed (at the hot air balloon mobile above your changing table). I wish you could remember our two silly pups that you love to look at. In fact, you smile and laugh whenever they’re near.
I know it’s impossible for you to recall this time of your life, so I will start a series of letters to capture these things for you. I hope you will enjoy reading these one day. I know I’ll enjoy writing them.
You are so special to us. My heart has grown and my pride has shrunk. You teach me so much every day. God is using you to change me into a better person…. Kind of like a Transformer (I’m sure you know about them by now considering they’re your Dad’s favorite). God is doing all that through you! I am forever grateful for that.

You light up our lives and warm our hearts. I love you Luca Hart.




4 thoughts on “Dear Luca,

  1. Love this idea Jaclyn! And so excited he laughed at the mobile! Wish we lived closer so I could be a part of this chapter in your life. 🙂


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