Ridiculous Baby Gear That I Use All The Time

When I was preparing to register for our baby shower, I planned on keeping things really simple. I tend to error on the minimalist side and quite frankly, we have a small place so we don’t really have room for unnecessary baby gadgets. Well, thankfully, I enlisted the advice of many veteran Mamas and people bought me stuff that wasn’t on my registry. Here are some of the things that other moms told me I would be thankful to have, and they were totally right!

41jkluvm5eL._AA160_1. Baby Swing– You may have seen in some of my earlier posts that this thing has been a true life-saver. In my pre-baby mind, I thought that I would be this super mom who never put her baby down. Well, I do wear him in my Moby & Becco Gemini a LOT, but sooner or later, I gotta take a shower. Luca loves being in this swing while I shower and he would often doze off. What? A clean mama and rested baby? Sounds like a winner to me!

2. Sophie the Giraffe– Ok, I totally thought this thing was just a total trendy mommy thing. It probably is41XxjQd+XlL._AA160_ that but it’s also perfect for your little one’s oral delight. My guy thinks that Sophie’s head, neck, legs and backbone are perfect for gnawing on. Not to mention the plastic is baby-safe. Trust me, I really didn’t see this one coming! Someone got it for us as a shower gift and I am so glad they did!

3. Amazon Mom (or Amazon Prime)- I’ve often alluded to the fact that I thought that when I had a baby I would go about my normal life with ease, just toting the cute little guy around with me. Reality check. Running errands with a baby, sucks. Thankfully, God created Amazon Prime and I can get almost anything to my doorstep in two days with no shipping cost. Can you hear the hallelujah chorus? I can.

4. Yoga Ball- Every baby should come with one. When your baby is crying, you just hold them in your arms and bounce on the ball. I don’t know what moms did before yoga balls became a common household item. I guess they attempted the soothing with rocking chairs, which honestly, can’t hold a candle to the effectiveness of the yoga ball in our home. I’m not the only one either, my whole Mama Tribe will swear by it.

411yxfzHBrL._AA160_5. Tummy Time Mat– Another one of those baby gadgets where I was like, “Really? Fisher Price just wants more of my money.” My sister-in-law, aka Ultimate Baby Gadget Guru, insisted that I would be so glad to have one. Her little girl rolled over for the first time playing on her mat and she just loved it. And whaddyaknow? Our little guy LOVES the mat too! It gives him an opportunity to exercise his body and see what it can do. He also rolled over on the mat for the first time and is now experimenting with army crawling. As a new parent, there’s no entertainment better than this!

6. Stroller- You’re like, “Really? You weren’t going to get a stroller??” Have mercy my friends, I wanted to be Supermom remember? I was going to just wear my baby ALL of the time. Well, that sounds great in theory but when your baby is taking a much needed nap in the carseat, you’re not going to want to pull them out so you can maintain your Supermom image. That’s just mean. So, I have a carseat adapter for my stroller just for these occasions. This way, Mama and Baby are both happy.

7. Nose Frida– This thing is crazy weird but so effective and awesome. It’s another gadget that a veteran 4124zOOZmFL._AA160_Mama gave us. No, the boogers do not even get close to your mouth. It wouldn’t be on this list if that were the case.

8. SnugaMonkey (aka “Sleep Monkey” aka “Sanity Monkey”)- Fisher Price to the rescue yet again. Again, in my pre-baby fantasy world, our baby wasn’t going to have any toys with batteries. Dr. Sears doesn’t recommend them and he specifically doesn’t recommend sleep aid toys such as our beloved SnugaMonkey. I never would have bought this toy. In fact, we got it for Christmas and I don’t think I was planning on keeping it. Yet, Luca was fussing one 410GUhP3XWL._AA160_night and I turned it on (while still in the box) and he calmed down just listening to the soothing music and watching the warm glow of the tummy. I’ll admit, it was soothing for us too. Now we use it in tandem with cuddles and the yoga ball. It is by no means a babysitter but it just helps Luca to calm down when our efforts are failing. It also signifies bed time and helps him to transition into sleep. All around, this thing is great to have.

9. Gentle Giraffe or Sleep Sheep– We have the giraffe and it’s wonderful white51jL5XyAQ3L._AA160_ noise options have helped to keep Luca napping even in some of the noisiest places we’ve gone. He also loves how soft it is and cuddles with it while he’s drifting-off.

10. Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets– Another thing that I thought was just a trend, but no, these albee-baby_2253_69403107are so amazing. This brand is especially soft and more so than other brands that we’ve tried. We use it as a safe blanket for Luca to cuddle with (it’s so thin) and we also use it as a cover for the carseat (again, it’s so thin that it lessens the chance of him getting too hot).

Well, there’s my list! What ridiculous items would you recommend to new Mamas?

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