Remember That One Time When I Tried to Be Funny?

A mound of Girl Scout cookies. This mound cont...
Mmm… Girl Scout Cookies…(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aw man, I still cringe over yesterday’s post that was meant to be satire but was taken seriously. I’m so thankful that someone said something so that I could clarify my intentions behind what I wrote! I’ll be honest, I’m super insecure about my crunchiness sometimes. I’m really afraid that I come across as an elitist and that is SO not what I want. I worry about what non-crunchy people think of me and I have fears that they think I am judging their lifestyle. So, I thought I’d make a joke about it by writing a fake letter to “Chewies” with all of the things that I fear they are thinking about me. That’s what insecure people like me do, joke when they’re actually serious. Heh. Oops.

In reality, I’m not super crunchy. When I chose to title my blog “Kinda Crunchy,” it was because I really am only kind of crunchy. The tag line “trying to find balance in mind, body and spirit” is truly my intention of this blog. I don’t really fit as a Crunchy or a Chewy because I’m kind of both. (I guess I could have named the site “Kinda Chewy” but that’s just weird.) You know, I may cloth diaper our baby, eat only free range eggs, and believe in placenta encapsulation but I also love shopping at Target, cleaning with Oxiclean, and chowing down on Girl Scout Cookies.

In my post yesterday, I joked about how I lay awake at night worrying about women in third world countries. Truthfully, I have anxiety issues. I do worry about stuff WAY too much. Documentaries are dangerous for me. One way that I keep myself emotionally healthy is by not obsessing over being 100% crunchy all of the time. Again, it’s my way of finding balance. That’s right, I eat Girl Scout Cookies for my health. Sounds crazy, but it’s good for me to go rogue and do something that a strict Crunchy person may call irresponsible. And let’s face it, sometimes being crunchy is just annoying. Like last week, I really wanted to get a manicure before we went to see Wicked. So I checked out this new salon that uses only organic products. You would not believe the cost of a manicure there! Groupon saved the day and I got a gel manicure and a pedicure for $35 somewhere else. Sometimes you gotta just put the crunch aside.

* * *

I know that by writing a blog I run the risk of being misunderstood, offending people, or causing people to flat-out not like me. It’s a risk I’m willing to take because writing has been cathartic and the community I’ve gained has been encouraging. I hope that if any of you are considering writing a blog that you will go for it. Don’t worry about what people will think. I’ll admit, I totally FREAKED yesterday when I found-out that some people thought my post was serious, but you know what? It’s all ok. We cleared it up and if anything I feel more known now than I did before. I feel understood by those who matter. On that note, if I ever write anything that offends you, please say something. As a reader, you are part of my community and you matter to me. I look forward to continuing to share my journey with you and hearing your awesome feedback!

Thanks Friends,


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14 thoughts on “Remember That One Time When I Tried to Be Funny?

  1. I found this whole serious but funny mishap actually really funny! You are very clever and you give us humans all hope of finding balance between crunchy and chewy! I lived in Philadelphia for a while doing inner street missions and living in an intentional community- working with people who, as you would call “strict” and at times I saw it as very annoying and snobbish. I thought both of these posts actually brought out the true struggle of balance. In this world we live in a constant tension….I could go on but I wont. Thanks for the laugh and reminder of the struggle to live on purpose.


    • Thank you Betsy, I think it all turned out good in the end too =). In fact, I was just thinking this morning that I’m glad it happened because like you said, it really captured the struggle to find balance. We’re all just trying to navigate through the nonsense and find which things are worth fighting for and which things aren’t. Thanks for your comment! Oh, I’d love to hear more about your time in Philly, sounds quite interesting!


  2. You are awesome Jaclyn! I love reading your posts! It’s so great to be your friend and please don’t feel bad about yesterday’s post! I have a thick skull sometimes! Now I get the humor!!


  3. I got it and I’m sure most of your readers did too.
    I love your vulnerability and honesty. Isn’t that one of the main reasons people (like me) enjoy reading blogs? Otherwise I would read a fictional story. You and your feelings are real and that what readers relate to.
    Keep on truckin (but only in a biodiesel hybrid)
    Ha ha!


  4. I definitely took the post as serious.. though, even in that vein, the letter was obviously tongue-in-cheek :). You mention, here, your concern for appearing elitist in some way, and I don’t see that in what you write, necessarily. Okay, talking about your sleepless nights because of African women put it on a little thick, but since that was apparently part of the joke, it passes. If anything, I think the negative opinions would spawn more from the fact that you rely on terms like “crunchy” and “chewy”. Labels have a purpose, at times, but they can also be rather limiting (and even off-putting to others). I suppose, as you sort of talk about it here, that focusing on using terms like this puts you in a place where you then have to consistently clarify and justify your placement within the terminology, instead of just talking about stuff you like or don’t like. It’s sort of like the joke of hipsters only liking things “before they were cool”.. I could imagine someone reading you talking about “my crunchiness” and having the same type of eye-roll reaction that then turns them off to reading some great information you have to share. I say, if you’re concerned about anything, perhaps that’s what you could consider.. less reliance on the discussion of fitting into a certain definition, and more just talking about the individual known as Jaclyn 🙂


  5. Life is full of compromises. I also tend to over-analyze things and worry that I’m not “doing enough.” Being kinda crunchy sounds just right to me.


  6. Jaclyn, I completely understand your stance. As a sorta-crunchy mom and wife myself, I totally get it. We eat organic, buy seventh generation diapers, cage-free eggs too. On the other hand, we have (some) plastic baby toys, use Lysol, eat Haagen daz ice cream and shop at target/Walmart/Costco as well. I know that feeling of insecurity when my MIL (or mom) would give me sideways glances at the amber teething necklace and hylands teething tablets. Or when a friend sees the (over)priced sticker for an item from trader joes/ whole foods. I also believe it’s about balance, (even though a greener lifestyle is overall–better). There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a coke with a greasy slice of pizza, once in a blue 🙂


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