Things I Never Thought I’d Say… And Then I Became a Mom

It’s true, these things actually came out of my mouth at some point. But come on, I know I can’t be the only one…

10. “Geez, it’s loud in here.” (At Trader Joe’s)

9. “Honey!” Yelling from the nursery, “I’m gonna need a penis consult in here!”

8. When asked how I slept the night before: “Great! I got like four hours!”

7. “Do you think anyone would notice if we just clipped Abby’s leash onto one of the cages?” (While passing a Adopt-A-Pup Day at Petsmart)

6. “Why is it so loud in here?” (At the bank)

5. “Can you believe the injustice to boys in the public school system?!”

4. Me: “Are they supposed to be dark and shriveled like that?” Caleb: “He’s cold!”

3. “I think an only child can be very well-adjusted!”

2. “Seriously, Jesus can get the picture without electric guitars and drums banging like crazy.” (During worship at church)

1. At dinner with friends: “Yay! Someone just did a poop poop!”

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