Why I’m Team Adele Today (And Why Joan Rivers Needs a Heart Implant)

Adele (Photo credit: wonker)

I am shocked and disgusted to hear about the latest antics from celebrity commentator Joan Rivers. Last night on The Late Show with David Letterman, she actually took a swing at Adele’s weight and has shown no remorse since. This angers me so much because we are living in a culture inundated with outrageously thin female celebrities. And then came Adele. Talented, witty, shapely, and beautiful Adele. She’s like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the diet-obsessed pollution that hovers over Hollywood. We can relate not only to her music, but to her realness. Is it shocking that she’s such a success?

Now, normally I’m Team Flo (as in Florence + the Machine) but I’ll get into that another day. Even I can’t deny the superb talent of Adele, and Joan Rivers shouldn’t have either. Joan Rivers has become the “Mean Girl” of media and she better watch her back. Ok, just for the record, I’m not threatening Joanie or anything, I’m just saying, “If you don’t play nice, you won’t be playing at all.” The Letterman crowd booed her joke and David looked at her somewhat disapprovingly.

Oh yeah, that’s the other person I have beef with, David Letterman. Seriously man. Grow a pair and stand-up for our Sweetheart. Dave seems like a pretty stand-up guy, I’m surprised he didn’t say or do anything. If I were him, I would have politely told her we’ve had enough and excused her from the interview. She was being that ridiculous.

Bullies like Joan Rivers need to be held accountable for making public statements that are damaging to our society. Yes, I’m going there. Rivers not only hurt Adele’s heart, but also the hearts of thousands of women who identify with Adele. It’s inspiring and empowering to see a non-typical woman have the kind of success that Adele has had. It’s maddening to see women like Rivers try to stop that trend. My hope is that some celebrities will take a stand against Rivers’ comments. Maybe next time she’ll think twice before resorting to insensitive jokes when she’s desperate for a laugh.

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4 thoughts on “Why I’m Team Adele Today (And Why Joan Rivers Needs a Heart Implant)

  1. With a high schooler in our house, we are constantly invited to bully awareness-type presentations.

    Meanness is a HUGE issue for teens. The effects of bullying are even more far reaching.

    So sad to see to see down right nastiness showcased as comedy. Boooo to you Joan Rivers.


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