British Invasion: Downton Style


Last weekend both Caleb and I were stuck inside with gnarly colds. Thankfully, our little guy dodged it (Yay for breastfeeding!). Anyway, it wasn’t too bad despite the beautiful weather that mocked us. Nope. All we had to do was close the blinds and turn on our newest guilty pleasure: Downton Abbey.

At first, when I discovered that I had to purchase Season 3 of Downton Abbey on Hulu Plus, I was pretty bummed. But then, I got sick, and that makes such a purchase completely justified. So we watched ALL nine episodes in one weekend. You know you’ve watched too much Downton Abbey when you start to think in a British accent (that really happened). But apparently, I’m not the only one, look what I found on Pinterest:Image

Yeah, Downton is ALL over Pinterest… in a bad way. Luckily before we watched the last three episodes, I found this little gem:


Ahh… I love it. The fact that there is a bingo card for the show only proves its predictability, but I don’t care, I am SO hooked. (Ok, not everything was predictable… Julian Fellows, seriously?!) Now I’m devastated that the season is over… It’s like there’s a hole in my heart that can’t get filled without my dear Carson. But, fear not, fellow Downton lovers, Pinterest is here to save the day.

There are many things we can do to carry us over until season four is released, such as…

Dressing like the Crawleys…


Cooking or should I say “eating” like the Crawleys


Even decorating like the Crawleys…


And, if none of that helps, there’s always the memories to linger upon…






Ahh… Downton, how I’ll miss you so…


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