Hey Kennedy: Mock This

I’ve been hearing a lot of crap lately about Attachment Parenting and, quite frankly, it’s really pissing me off. I’m going to specifically address an article I read by radio personality “Kennedy” of 98.7 FM. She unapologetically lumps attachment parenting together with ideas that are in no way affiliated with attachment theory. Last time I checked, becoming vegan, banning religious holidays and protesting competitive sports are lifestyle choices and have nothing to do with facilitating a child’s secure attachment. Attachment parenting is about creating emotionally healthy, confident, and resourceful adults. Not fabricating nut allergies. If you’ve experienced anything on the contrary, you’ve been duped by parents who claim to be attachment parents but are ignorant of the theory they claim to practice.

Research has proven that children who develop a secure attachment are more successful in life than those who don’t. Such children have the self-confidence to explore various endeavors and to engage in real relationships with others. Parents who stifle this self-confidence are those who either push their children too hard or restrict their potential by being too protective. Both are over-bearing and don’t allow the child to develop their individuality. Hm, what does that sound like Kennedy? Liberating, maybe? Next time, before you go bashing a philosophy, turn to the experts, google it at least. Don’t use a distasteful experience on a playground as your supportive evidence. I will admit, there are people who claim to be attachment parents without the slightest clue as to what attachment theory prescribes, but hopefully this is not the norm. They certainly don’t represent me.

Oh, and by the way, we do co-sleep and love it. My husband and I are very familiar with how are little guy came into being. If you think that co-sleeping hinders, what was it you called it? “Hard boning?” Then you may need to consider spicing-up your own sex life. Beds aren’t the only place for such encounters.

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5 thoughts on “Hey Kennedy: Mock This

  1. Love this post! I don’t consider myself an “attachment parent” (at least I didn’t start this journey with that in mind) but as my husband and I have made the choices that feel right for our twin boys, now 7 months, we have found most of them align with “attachment parenting”. However I often feel judged by others who push the rice cereal, sleeping in their own cribs, crying it out, etc. We started co-sleeping around 5 months and love it. The boys had been sleeping in a bassinet together and sleeping through the night until about 5 months. Then they started waking at night and keeping them in bed makes the most sense if I’m going to nurse them. Although one of my twins sleeps better in the bassinet beside the bed for most of the night. I tuck him in with us when he wakes for a feeding for the first time, usually around 4am.


  2. If I had known anything about attachment theory when I was raising my children, I would have definitely done it. I have had to work too hard and spend way TOO much time in therapy to “earn” a secure attachment and can see my (mostly grown and quite lovely) daughters struggling with the effects of having a mother with disorganized attachment. So I completely get just how crucial this is. But what I loved was your separating out the facts from wishful thinking. I don’t often fit too well into other people’s criteria of who and what I should be, so reading this was just awesome! Thank you for a very satisfying read.


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