Parenting in the Age of Overinformation

We are taking our son in to get his first round of vaccinations tomorrow. To say I’m dreading it is an understatement. My stomach is twisted and my throat is tight. Did my parents feel this heavy burden upon their shoulders as they paraded me into my first vaccination appointment? Of course not. I’m sure they weren’t excited about it but I doubt they had the same angst that my husband and I do. Caleb even said to me a couple of days ago, “I wish I didn’t know what I know.” He wishes he didn’t know about the horror stories some parents have lived after vaccinating their children, he wishes he didn’t know the frightening side-effects some vaccinations can have, and he wishes he didn’t know the funky ingredients in some of these vaccines either. There’s so much to be afraid of now. Not to mention the very illnesses we are trying to prevent. It would be so nice to just waltz into the pediatrician’s office believing that vaccines were good and illnesses were bad. Unfortunately, we are way too informed to live in that blissfully ignorant state.

We decided to do an alternative vaccination schedule. It’s what people do when they’re too chicken to not vaccinate and too paranoid to vaccinate as advised. We’re doing it in hopes that it will minimize any potential risks associated with infants being exposed to multiple inoculations at once. I feel comfortable with it I guess. I, and many other parents I’ve spoken with, feel that the “Vaccine Debate” is a lose-lose situation. Either you watch your kid get injected with potentially harmful substances or you nervously wait out every year of their childhood hoping they don’t get exposed to an illness you could have prevented. We feel that the alternative schedule as proposed by Dr. Bob Sears is the best middle-ground we can find.

Vaccinations are just the tip of the ice burg in this age of over-information. Everything from sleeping to spit-up has a plethora of expert advice and commentary. It’s quite overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder if our kids have as many problems as we think they do or if we create problems because of our desire to integrate too much information. Would my kid be ok if we went with the AAP’s recommended vaccination schedule? Probably. Will my kid be ok if he doesn’t get his morning nap? Affirmative (it actually happened today and he just took a longer afternoon nap). It’s all good. Maybe we as parents need to smoke a figurative joint and chill out. More importantly, maybe all of these “experts” need to stop over-analyzing childrens’ behavior and over-capitalizing on parents’ anxiety. Aaannd…. I’m taking a deep breath now.

I’ll end my rant with this: I admit that I’m feeling very sensitive and emotional about the fact that my little guy is about to be shot-up with crap that has been accused of causing irreparable damage to other children. I’m bitter that I’ve been exposed to information that has stolen the luxury of ignorance from me. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to sift through all of the available information in an attempt to make the “right” decision. More than anything, I want to scream because I can’t control what happens to my kid, I just can’t. And that sucks. so. bad. All I know to do is ensure our little one will be covered in prayer before this appointment. If you’re the praying type, will you please offer up a little prayer for us? Much appreciated!

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8 thoughts on “Parenting in the Age of Overinformation

  1. We’re following regular vaccination schedule but I’d really like to switch to an alternative one. My SO is very much a man who believes medicine and Drs are infallible. I’m a RN who questions more and more of what the medical community is doing. It’s a tough pill to swallow eithe


  2. Praying! I agree that the vaccination decision is so so tough no matter what you decide! We chose not to vaccinate, so then there is also the fact that same people will probably criticize us for it. Not fun. But we as parents have to make those tough decisions using our best judgment and then go with it. I’ll be praying for your son’s safety! And for your peace of mind! 🙂


  3. Good luck! I know it’s so difficult. I wish the ‘experts’ would just shut up and quit telling me I’m most likely going to mess up my kid because I’ll make them apologize or emotionally scar them because I pulled a face at them.
    Lighten up people. Learning and life isn’t rocket science!


  4. […] I’ll admit, moving to this next phase was exciting but also scary. What if he’s allergic? What if he chokes on something? What if it’s too early? I finally just took a deep breath. Caleb and I both really felt like Luca was ready. It’s not like we gave him a steak or anything. For now, he’ll just get “little tastes” as I like to call them, until we’re really ready to step it up. I’m realizing more and more that as parents, we have to balance expert advice with our parental instincts. Developmentally, Luca was ready. Psychologically, we were ready too. I felt in my heart that he was ready and then I confirmed with the “experts” that it was safe and appropriate. The “expert” advice helped me to have the confidence to move forward even though it wasn’t in my original plan (why I even bothered having a “plan,” I’m not sure). This next phase will be fun as we navigate introducing foods. Although, I’m not so excited for the stinkier poop and avocado messes…but I must admit, I’m excited to be a baby food chef! What are your favorite baby food recipes/gadgets?? If you liked this post, you may also like: – Don’t Cut Off Parts of My Baby Please (Or The Baby Bed of Procrustes) -No Judgement – Parenting in the Age of Overinformation […]


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