Pinterest and Overcoming My Fear of Failure

I’ve been really inspired by an article I read from API (Attachment Parenting International). It’s about how children don’t need praise for their accomplishments but affirmation of their character instead. I won’t get too much into it but it’s a great short read, click here to check it out. Basically, the article triggered some of my own “stuff,” if you will. In the therapy world we call “issues” our “stuff.” My stuff is not wanting to fail. Basically, if I’m not immediately good at something, I quit. It’s hard for me to tolerate practice.

Well, I’m a mom now and I really don’t want my kid to be afraid of failure. What better way then, to instill that in my little boy than to take on my own fear? I want to be a good example right? Well of course I do.

Enter: The Sewing Machine.

I’m terrified of that damn thing.

But today, with the help and encouragement of my own Mommy, I am going to conquer this fear by making: Drool Pads.

Thank you Pinterest.
Thank you Pinterest.

Yes, Drool Pads. They’re slobber stoppers for baby carriers.

Love this pic! (Great blog too btw)
Love this pic! (Great blog too btw)

I figure if I mess them up, who cares, they’re for slobber.

So… here’s how they turned out….

drool pad photo edited
Flannel Drool Pads Made from Dad’s Old Shirt.

Woohoo! Yay Me!

There were some hiccups but I kept on trying and persevered through the project. Next up is a pair of wool pants for the little guy and I think I may try to make a couple of t-shirt hats. What has been your favorite baby craft? I’m feeling very pinspired!

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8 thoughts on “Pinterest and Overcoming My Fear of Failure

  1. I am so proud of you! There is something very satisfying about making something with your hands for your baby. Super duper sense of accomplishment in a world that our tasks never really end. Dishes, laundry, cooking, diaper changing etc, these are never ending chores but to start and complete a project for my baby gives me the “I rock” feeling if only for a moment.


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