Resurrection of the Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

Hallelujah, the Pre-Pregnancy Jeans Have Returned
Hallelujah, the Pre-Pregnancy Jeans Have Returned

Yes, the day I thought would never come has arrived. Yesterday, I actually WORE a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans! Sure, they were once my “Post-Thanksgiving” jeans and always fit a little loose… Sure, now they are my “Skinny Jeans” and only really fit in the morning before I’ve eaten anything… but still, THEY FIT! I must say, I walked a little taller yesterday. 

I’m trying not to stress too much about my weight, especially because I’m breastfeeding and would hate to do anything to mess with that. It’s tough though. Some women seem to just miraculously bounce right back after having a baby. Although, I hear that it’s best to give it a year before expecting to have your original size back. I’m learning in this whole motherhood thing that it’s best to not compare myself to other women.

There was a time in my life when I really struggled with my body image. That may be an understatement. I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Not fun. That was a very dark time in my life and someday I’ll probably write more about it. But today, I remember that poor sick girl and I rejoice over the healthy woman that God has made me today. I could fit into all my pre-pregnancy jeans (and not just the “post-Thanksgiving ones) if I wanted to. I could drop weight like nobody’s business. But I refuse to do that. I don’t deserve to be treated that way and as a Mama, I want to be a healthy example to my son.

I hope all of you ladies are loving your bodies and treating them right. Happy Friday! Now go have a Girl Scout cookie! (PS What the heck happened to the names?? “Dos-i-do’s” are now “Peanut Butter Delights??” What the …?! Not cool.)

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5 thoughts on “Resurrection of the Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

  1. I am struggling to return to my pre-pregnancy shape/size too. Breastfeeding is my number one priority but that doesn’t affect my desire to zip up my pant. It’s superficial I know but it really affect how a mama feels about herself. Being in between maternity clothes and pre-pregnancy clothes is more award than 7th grade. I broke down a bought a few pair of pants (on clearance) one and two sizes bigger than I wore before I was preggers because I don’t want to look like the mom who is always wearing yoga pants and never goes to yoga. I want to wear (and zip up) real pants.
    I guess most women struggle with their body image after having a baby. You’re not alone. And with a stash of Girl Scout cookies you will always be in good company 🙂
    P.S. Frozen Thin Mints are the best!


  2. I have never been pregnant or given birth, and I wouldn’t be able to fit in your pre-pregnancy pants if that makes you feel any better. What I do know when I look at my shapely body is that I was built to carry a child, how awesome is that? I also get excited when I go into museums and look at these paintings of nude women and think…there I am! I don’t usually get to see my body type in the magazines or on TV, but I see them in works of art, pieces of history!

    Every time I have seen you since you have given birth, I am ALWAYS blown away by your glow. Motherhood looks beautiful on you. Never once have I thought about your size. Never forget the beauty that is radiating out of you!

    As you are confident with your body, it sure helps the rest of us learn to be comfortable and confident in our own skin.


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