3 Simple DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products


Remember when I wrote that post “Stuff Crunchy Mamas Like?” Well, I mentioned that I have all these essential oils and don’t know how to use them. It’s been driving me crazy. Luckily, I have crunchy friends and one of them, Rebecca, gave me some ideas on how to use them. This isn’t really a DIY blog, however, I thought some of you might like having these recipes for all-purpose cleaning products too!

all purpose cleaner

1/4 cup vinegar, 2 cups water and 10 drops oil of your choice (use a citrus-based one to cut through grease)

all purpose cleaner Option 2

Use plain liquid Castile soap (Like Dr. Bronner’s) in place of vinegar.

That recipe is 1 gallon hot water, 2 tbs liquid Castile, 15 drops wild orange essential oil and 8 drops lemon essential oil.

I liked that idea because vinegar sort of reeks. If you do want to use vinegar, Rebecca suggested trying Apple Cider Vinegar because it doesn’t reek as bad. I did use the first recipe on my floors and while it did the trick, it left them kind of dull (a total First-World Problem, I know). So, I plan on making the second one today and trying it out. Also, if you have granite counter tops, you don’t want to use vinegar as it eat away at the granite. Here’s Rebecca’s solution to that problem:

granite cleaner

is 1/4 cup alcohol, 1 cup water, 2-3 drops Dawn (not natural I know, but if ducks can get cleaned with it after an oil spill, it can’t be that bad)

Hope you like those recipes everyone! If you have any simple all-natural cleaning solutions will you put them below in the comments section so that other crunchy mamas and myself can try them out? It’s much appreciated! Happy Friday!

PS If you want a little Friday Funny, click on the First-World Problem link above =)


6 thoughts on “3 Simple DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products

  1. Cleaning products have no regulatory agency like the FDA. Most do not have ingredients listed a d God only knows what’s in them.
    Also a great cleanser is olive oil, great for stainless steel and shinning wood.


  2. […]  Laura: Poor boo, like I said in your other post, if it gets bad sleep sitting propped up with him in your moby so you can sleep as well with out “holding” him and it will help his nose drain. There really isnt much you can do when they are so little. LIke Lindy said nurse nurse nurse. Use a humidifier or steamy bathroom and saline and suction on his nose. Hylands makes tiny cold tablets and I used my essential oils with Addie and she was on the mend in a very short amount of time.  Natalie: I echo Lindy’s suggestions, use the nose Frieda and simply saline spray if the congestion is really bad. So sorry he’s sick =(  Rebecca: Jaclyn, I can bring you some Breathe oil to try tomorrow morning. I think it makes a world of difference. (*She did, and it made a HUGE difference!)  Lindsey: Make sure you are eating vitamin rich foods. Vitamin C! That’ll pass through your milk. See? Isn’t having a Mama Tribe the best?? Now, go get one. =) * The essential oils (brought to you by doTerra) that saved the day were: Immune Blend- OnGuard (Cinnamon, Clove bud, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Wild Orange), oregano, Meleluca, and lemon oil (all diluted in coconut oil). Breathe Blend aka Crunchy Mama’s Vicks Vapor Rub- Eucalyptus, Laurel leaf, Lemon, Melaleuca, Peppermint, and Ravensara (all diluted in coconut oil). If you liked this post, you may also like: – How to Prevent the Flu Naturally – Rebecca’s Birth Story: – 3 Simple DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products […]


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