“Why We’re Not Vaccinating Our Baby”

The following is a guest post for the series, “Speak-Up Mama!” The purpose of this series is to help Mamas have more compassion for one another regarding controversial decisions. In light of that, feel free to comment but please play nicely or your comment will be removed. Thank you to this Anonymous Mama for her willingness to be the first to share her story!

Vaccine research NVGH test tubes
Vaccine research NVGH test tubes (Photo credit: Novartis AG)

Probably one of the hardest decisions for me so far as a parent was deciding whether or not to vaccinate my baby. I was vaccinated, my husband was vaccinated, our families  and friends were vaccinated, even the dog is vaccinated! So why wouldn’t I vaccinate my baby? One reason, I searched out information and did what we felt was best for our little family.

Before I had a baby I just figured your kid gets shots. That’s how it worked. That’s what you did. I never second guessed it and was blind to the potential risks that can be involved. But when it came to be my time to make this decision it didn’t quite settle with me. Here are just a few things that came to light:

– I became aware of friends who had a baby that had a very severe reaction to a vaccine, and had a week-long hospital stay. It freaked them out so much that they have held off on vaccinating too. And they still don’t know which vaccine caused the reaction, so it could very well happen again.

– My mom called me frantic one morning hysterical because her friends granddaughter had died the previous night, after getting a very large round of vaccines. But that was protocol. That is how many vaccines babies are supposed to get at that age.

– Stories from friends who vaccinated half of their kids and didn’t vaccinate the others, and the non-vaccinated kids got sick way less.

– Vaccines getting recalled, not working as well as stated, etc.

Maybe all these things are coincidence, but it was enough to make me think. Aren’t vaccines supposed to help, not hurt?I researched all the vaccines that a baby is supposed to get in the first few years of life. I couldn’t believe the number. I think it’s outrageous. If U.S. children receive all doses of all vaccines, they are injected with up to 35 shots. I looked up each vaccine to see what the risks of the vaccine were and the disease that it was preventing. Truthfully, the vaccine side effect terrified me more than the actual sickness! For example: Chicken Pox. There is now a vaccine for that. I’m sure about 99% of the people reading this had it. And since you are reading this, you obviously survived just fine. The risks of the Chicken Pox vaccine are as followed: Guillain-Barre Syndrome (a disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves), shingles, shock, blood disorders, and even death can occur! That’s a pretty heavy risk just to avoid the Chicken Pox.

Here are just some ingredients that go into basic vaccines:

  • Mercury! Mercury and most of its compounds are extremely toxic and must be handled with care. So why is it in our vaccines?
  • Aluminum, a poison that can cause bone, bone marrow and brain degeneration.
  • Formaldehyde! Formaldehyde! I don’t even need to explain that one.

I believe that our body is made to heal itself, as long as we take care of it. Our bodies can be pretty amazing. We are made to get sick and fight off that sickness to boost our immunity.

Children can be vaccinated and still contract the illness you are wishing to prevent. Vaccines may not always provide the protection that people assume they do.

I feel that if we get sick our body will do its job and there are measures to help us heal. But with a vaccine reaction, there’s no cure. The vaccine cannot be removed or changed and is free to do its damage. Yes, I realize that we have been told vaccine reactions are rare and most people don’t have to experience that. But what if it did happen? Or what if it already has happened but we are unaware of it? We may never realize that a lifelong problem that we now have could be traced back to a vaccine. I don’t feel comfortable playing Russian Roulette with my baby’s health over something that I don’t fully understand or feel comfortable with. But until the healthcare system can prove to me that vaccines are 100% safe, I’m ok holding off.

I get that a lot of vaccine ‘talk’ can be labeled as conspiracy theories. What if it is? What if it isn’t? We’ll never know. I don’t judge others for vaccinating, again I was vaccinated. If anyone has had a bad experience from vaccinating or not vaccinating, my heart goes out to you. I wish parenting decisions could be easier. But I know that we are all just loving parents trying to do what is best for our baby, with the information that we have, in this crazy world.

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21 thoughts on ““Why We’re Not Vaccinating Our Baby”

  1. Thank you Lindsey for sharing. I think that if/when my husband and I ever have children, we will of course research this. It is good to hear stories from “both sides” of this issue. Knowing what we know now about vaccinations I think it is imperative to not make this decision blindly. I also appreciated that you said that you dont judge parents for vaccinating their children and you wish the same from them BECAUSE it is every parents’ choice. Thank you so much for this information and for sharing your story.


  2. Anyone who has had chicken pox is at risk for shingles.. odd that it would be included in the list of potential negatives for the vaccine, as well (or is this in reference to the idea that vaccinations may not always work?)


    • Post-marketing surveillance has uncovered the fact that for unknown reasons, children vaccinated for chicken pox have a significantly HIGHER chance of developing shingles. The mechanism is not understood. Some doctors hypothesize that the live virus (which would result in a chance of developing shingles down the road even if you contract chicken pox naturally) combined with the high number of aluminum-containing vaccines (which are known triggers of autoimmune activity) are responsible.


  3. Thank you for this post. I think many parents simply think that the norm is the best way to do things and don’t know there are other choices so spreading information in a way that is respectful is essential. I am the same way about respecting other’s choices and wanting the same in return, for the most part, we are all just trying to do the best job we know how to raise and protect our children.


    • Vaccinations save lives. If you decide not to vctainace, make sure you take your child into the doctor for every FEVER or RASH; for they can be the first signs? that your child will die in a few hours. Unfortunately, your family will then be exposed to new infections while waiting in the doctors office or the emergency room. What a dilemma. Don’t be be stupid. Vaccinate.


  4. For the most part parenting in instinctive. You do what feels right for your child. The vaccine issue is not intuitive, it’s purely cerebral. It’s a hard decision either way. I’ve researched, prayed and talked with lots of parents and at 2 1/2 months still am unsure. I am blessed/cursed to have opposite sides of the argument presented. Still what’s a mama to do?


    • I have so many disagreements with this, my head is going to explode! Explode, I tell you! I feel great sympathy for health care practitioners who want to protect children’s lives, who know the risks that each of these diseases impart, and who know the CDC statistics on herd immunity.

      I have 3 children. They are all vaccinated. I know an adult who is disabled from an adverse vaccine reaction, her twin has the capacity of a toddler. They are both my age. I find that the bottom line for parents is culpability. No parent wants to live with the idea that they CAUSED harm to their own child. It is the beginning of every risk we take as parents on behalf of our children and when we face the vaccine mandates before the start of kindergarten, well… T-ball, climbing trees, tall slides, that time with that dog on the sidewalk… it just doesn’t seem like a risk/benefit problem anymore.

      Here’s what I needed to know as a new mom:
      •nursing exclusively until 5 months provides GREAT natural immunity. Feel free to NOT immunize AT ALL during this time.
      •research each disease that each vaccine covers. What? You’d vilify the vaccine but not the disease? Are we on the same team? There are many secondary complications from these diseases that are deadly or disabling. Remember polio? The CDC tracks outbreaks and world health organizations track and contain outbreaks. Non-immunized children in the US have contracted the measles in Europe and died of complications. Consequently, the measles vaccine goes in and out of favor depending on the current level of “fear.”
      •the vaccines ARE available individually at your local county health department. Many vaccines are available there for free for children. So, you can start with one at 6 months & see how it goes. Then try another one, perhaps in the series: measles, mumps, rubella and once you pass all three successfully as individual shots, you can go for the combined shot as a booster. Repeat this principle until kindergarten. You have 5 years to get er done.
      •the disease process is NOT a mandatory rite of passage. These vaccines were developed in order to create antibody markers in your child’s immune system in order to fake out the real disease should it come a knocking. There may be a need for additional boosters as time and research warrant, but the initial protection is there. There are antibody screens that they can do to test for specific diseases.
      •the warnings about the side effects are kind of like the warnings on drug labels. They CAN cause a myriad of problems but statistically, won’t. We are a warning label society. We are also a fear via anecdotal information society and a fear via misinformation internet society. I worked in pharmacy. I went to nursing school. I had a home-birth with a lay midwife that did not vaccinate and discussed this at length with her. I’ve asked many probing questions of doctors, nurses, microbiologists, midwives, pharmacists, and countless parents.
      •the question they answered was: the chicken pox vaccine PREVENTS shingles too. This is pretty huge. There is a shingles vaccine available at age 65. It’s very expensive but worth it because shingles is horrible. One of the complications is post-herpetic neuralgia: peripheral nerve pain. This is often so chronic and so pervasive that adults are on meds for life to control it. There are meds developed just for PHN. The industry isn’t making that claim just yet, because the first recipients are just reaching the age of 18. We don’t know if the chicken pox vaccine antibodies have thwarted the real virus and left a dormant virus in the root ganglia just as the REAL virus would. (this would later express as shingles.) OR if the vaccine works as all vaccines are basically designed to do, there is NO representation of the virus and NO potential for shingles EVER.
      •finally, herd immunity. Non-vaccinated children benefit from this. It really isn’t any special thing that you do that might keep them from getting sick from these diseases. It’s something that our nation has worked diligently to provide.

      If I sound condescending, I apologize. I’m defending the pediatricians and their staff who want to partner with you. If you already have decided not to vaccinate, you already KNOW all the negatives about the mediums that the serums are preserved in. So am I. I’m not gonna argue with you about the risks. There are obvious risks on both sides. Let me tell you, if your child ends up in the hospital, you will blame yourself no matter how it happened. The world is treacherous and filled with sickness. The moment I held my first born in my hands, I KNEW that he was both mine & NOT mine. God leant him to me for a time and I was to cherish and to guide him, but he wasn’t mine to own. His birthday was the first day that I held him and the first day that I let him go, just a little… each day…into a life of his own, into God’s hands. Two weeks ago, he turned 19.


      • I don’t think is too fair for you to say how many problems you have with what the author decided to do with HER children. She was sharing her story and what her and her husband decided to do. I respect your knowledge however I think we should all make decisions pertaining to our own children ourselves. Not immunizing children is not illegal so we should let each parent make an educated decision themselves.


      • Thank you for participating in the conversation. I appreciate your passion on the subject and also your efforts to be respectful to the author of this post. I have spoken with her and she’d like your comment to remain on the blog even though you have differing opinions. There was one point you seemed to both agree upon, that there are “obvious risks on both sides.” Stay posted for another mom sharing her story as to why they did choose to vaccinate. That will be up later this week. I know that it takes a lot of courage for moms to share their decisions openly and I hope that we can continue to listen to these stories with open hearts and minds.


      • I realize that this thread is already over a year old, but wanted to respond anyway, to point out that you CAN’T opt for single measles, mumps, and rubella shots. They have not been available for over a decade. In many US states, you can’t opt to delay vaccines for 5 months, either. A mother in Hershey, PA, had her newborn daughter taken from her because she wanted to WAIT til her husband arrived to decide whether to do a hep B vaccine the day of birth–even though neither she nor her husband were infected or carriers of hepatitis B, so the baby was at zero risk.

        Things are very different now for new mamas today than they were 20 years ago when your son was born.


      • Thanks for describing your exicprenees. How do you distinguish between the flu and a cold? Perhaps your brother gets colds rather than the flu each year?It takes a few days for the flu jab to work, so it is quite possible to catch the flu after getting the jab, though suggesting that people got it twice as bad begs the question, twice as bad as what? There is no way to tell how bad they would have gotten the flu if they hadn’t had the jab.I get the flu jab every year and only have had the flu once, fairly mildly. This is probably because the flu I caught was not one of the ones included in the flu jab. Influenza is a pesky critter which keeps mutating, but I’ll quite happily accept the protection is does give me. Having a job that brings me into contact with lots of people and pretty bad luck I expect I would probably get the flu several times a year without immunisation.


  5. Hi,
    I’m writing an article for Crain’s Chicago Business on this topic! If anyone wants to talk to me about it – including Jaclyn – and lives in Illinois or in Northwest Indiana, I’d love to speak with you. Please give me a call at 708-657-4343.


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