Coming Soon to Kinda Crunchy


I have enjoyed writing this blog so much. It has helped me to process my own life and also to connect with other Mamas. I hope that you find this to be a space that offers refreshment and encouragement. In an effort to share my joy with others, I have two new developments for this blog that I am super excited about. The first addition will be guest posts that share real life “Kinda Crunchy” birth stories. This will include both hospital and home birthing experiences. I received so much positive feedback when I shared my birth story that I thought you readers might enjoy reading a variety of birth experiences. Telling your story can be very affirming for both the author and the audience. You will find these stories under the “Birthin’ Babies” tab.

Also, In the spirit of finding balance, I will be adding another topic tab called “Speak-Up Mama!” This will also include guest posts from Mamas about a variety of controversial topics such as vaccinating, staying-at-home, etc. An example of such a post would be, “Why I’m Not Vaccinating.” My goal in creating this new forum is for Mamas to understand and empathize with one another. Many of us make decisions that are confusing to other people but hopefully this will create a space for others to understand, from a REAL life perspective, as to why we made those decisions. This is how we truly find balance. It’s important for us to gain information both intellectual and experiential so that we can see an issue more clearly.

If you are interested in contributing to either one of these new additions, please contact me, I would LOVE to have your input! Some examples of posts I am looking for include topics like: vaccinating, working/stay-at-home, circumcision, co-sleeping, sleep training, cloth diapering, home/hospital birth, etc. I am open to more, if there is something on your heart that you’d like to share with other Mamas, please let me know. I appreciate your readership so much and can’t wait to hear all of your beautiful birth stories and more!


6 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Kinda Crunchy

  1. I am looking forward to the new additions. I think all parents are interested in what works for others while not feeling pressured to agree or conform to what other think.


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