Stuff Crunchy Mamas Like (Or Stuff That Freaks People Out)


Have you seen that website/book, “Stuff White People Like?” It’s hilarious. I thought it would be fun to make a sort-of joking sort-of serious version of that by creating a “Stuff Crunchy Mamas Like” list. We can be a little weird sometimes but hey, it’s all for the greater good right?

1. Cloth Diapering- Sure, our energy/water bill may spike and our babies’ butts look huge but we are reducing the amount of overall waste caused by disposable diapers and saving money. When we told our Eco-Friendly-Diapersfamilies that we were going to do cloth diapering they looked at us like we were crazy. Most people felt like disposable diapers were a God-send, why on earth would we CHOOSE to use cloth diapers? Well, because we love to make people uncomfortable that’s why (see #4).
2. Natural Remedies- I’ve said before how much gripe water helped our little dude with his plumbing issues, I highly recommend you try it. There’s a plethora of natural remedies available for us Crunchy Mamas to get excited about. My favorite is next on the list…
3. Putting Weird Jewelry on Our Kids- You may have seen these little yellow bracelets, anklets, and necklaces on little crunchy babies (See the image at the top? Now you have). These Amber Necklaces are used to help little ones with teething. The amber is absorbed through the skin and works as an analgesic to ease the pain of teething. Plus, they’re pretty dang cute.
4. Breastfeeding- Crunchy Mamas will breastfeeding anywhere, as should all Mamas in my opinion. Some use nursing covers (Bebe Au Lait is my favorite) but some don’t. I’m considering going off on a tangent about how people are weird about breastfeeding but I’ll save that for another day. In general, just know that Crunchy People tend to get a little kick-out of going against social norms.

Oops, did I make you uncomfortable?
Oops, did I make you uncomfortable?

5. Using Breast Milk to Cure Things- Remember in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when the dad loved to use Windex to cure everything from boils to acne? It’s kind of like that.

6. Natural Birth at Home- This one really freaks people out. If you’re super crunchy, you’ll have an unassisted birth and just let nature run its course, trusting that your body will do everything. Kinda Crunchy Mamas like me have a midwife and do a home birth (although you can still have a Kinda Crunchy birth in a hospital too).

7. Making Everything Ourselves- Us Crunchy people tend to shy away from anything that makes life more convenient. We (not me) sew baby clothes, we (and me) make bum cleaning solution with essential oils, we make our own baby food… we’ll try to find a way to make almost anything.

Grab_Bag_mother_baby_cosleeping_bedsharing_iStock_000020256682Small-Chris-Fertnig-615x4098. Co-Sleeping- Another one that causes great controversy. Us Crunchy Folk love to snuggle. There’s bed sharing, co-sleeping, and room sharing. All of these options make people super uncomfortable which is silly in my opinion because that’s how most of the rest of world sleeps, but that’s another soap box for another day.

9. Essential Oils- I have quite a few essential oils because I was told that I could do all kinds of things with them. So far I’ve used it for baths, nighttime sleep assistance, and that’s about it. I don’t know why I keep buying them… I’m just compelled by my crunchiness within. It’s hard to explain.

10. Baby Wearing- Ahh, the infamous Moby Wrap. I have a graduate degree and still had to go to a class to figure out how to use this thing. Now that I know how to use it, I don’t know what I’d do without it. I clean the house while he’s in it, eat (cold food only, I swear) and dare I admit, I’ve even gone to the bathroom while wearing it (After having a baby, when I gotta go, I gotta GO!). Truly, this ingenious device should come as a package deal with every newborn.

So, that’s my list. Any of you Crunchies out there want to add to my list? Throw it in the Comments section please!


22 thoughts on “Stuff Crunchy Mamas Like (Or Stuff That Freaks People Out)

  1. This post had me really laughing! “Well, because we love to make people uncomfortable that’s why ” haha. The cartoon strip was pretty fabulous also!


  2. Love it all! I too went through an essential oil phase and have yet to use most of them….. But I will, I promise! And I’ve also gone to the bathroom with Alex in the Moby. I’m sure he’ll love hearing about that someday…..


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