Reclaiming Jaclyn: The New ‘Do Reveal

Woohoo! I finally have my new ‘do and I am feeling a little groove back in my step! If you didn’t read about this before, I am a new Mama who is working out of an identity crisis! Thank you so much to Mary Coleman for the AMAZING cut and color. She helped me find a style that is manageable (ie pony tail friendly) but still very fun. I’ve always liked my hair with bangs and they are very low maintenance. Then, when I was thinking about color, I didn’t want to worry about the upkeep. We decided on doing an Ombre coloring so that I wouldn’t need to fret about my roots showing too quickly. I LOVE what she did. Hope you like it too and thanks so much for voting!

The cut we went with is “D” but in my pictures it looks different because Mary blow dried my hair straight for me. In day-to-day life it will probably be more wavy like it is in the picture.

Shorter Bangs, longer hair with few layers
Shorter Bangs, longer hair with few layers
Phase 1: Took off 4 inches, added bangs & layers.
Phase 2: Add Color! (say hi to Leroy!)
The Finished Product!


(Blurry Picture of Me Being a Goofball) THANK YOU MARY!!!

3 thoughts on “Reclaiming Jaclyn: The New ‘Do Reveal

  1. Jaclyn, You look B. E. A. U. tiful!!! I love the ” new do.” I am also glad to have learned that the coloring is Ombré rather than Hombre which had me a little concerned. Love you! Caleb


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