Jelly Belly Dance Party

There’s this sort-of secret thing that I do when I’m feeling really stressed. I wasn’t going to share it on with anyone but I realized that maybe some other Mamas might need to try it out. No judgement right? Here it goes… Sometimes when Caleb is gone at night, for a work meeting or whatever… I turn off all the lights, turn on my Scentsy, put on some music, and dance. like. no. other. Like, until I’m sweating and my feet hurt. I just dance and dance and dance. I start off with something admirable like Florence + The Machine. You know, I’ll just sit on my couch and listen to Flo while eating some chocolate or having a glass of wine. And then… I get the itch. I HAVE TO DANCE. Then, I get up and make sure all of my blinds are closed. It starts off with a little “Shake it Out” by Flo but by the end of my dance session I am unashamedly dancing to Britney and Bieber. Anything to keep my rump movin’ will be played.

Now, normally I do this to just to blow off a little steam. Tonight it was different though. It was liberating. I was in my sports bra and yoga pants, Jelly Belly completely exposed (ok, so only my dogs were witnesses, but still) and I just let loose. It felt so good. I busted-out some of my Zumba moves from my pre-pregnancy days and laughed.

I don’t like the way my body looks right now, but I can’t let it own me. My body is amazing. It made, sustained, birthed, and now nourishes our baby. It can also do a mean Rhumba. So you other Mama’s out there who are feeling insecure about your bodies, I get it. It sucks. But we can’t just sit around and be bummed about it. Wait until you’re home alone, baby is down for nap, close the blinds and LET LOOSE. No one has to know.

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