To All the Baby Mammas

This is something I thought all of us Mamas, new and veteran, could get a good chuckle from! (And it probably wouldn’t hurt for us to take these things into consideration!)



So recently my best friend from college Jordan asked me to gently post about the life of the childless. This was is in response to an excellent post for people without kids on dealing with people with kids. I said I would do it, but I was hesitant because mothers tend not to respond well to such things. She replied, (tongue in cheek), “I know, why are we so sensitive?!”

Friends with children:

DO know that we understand that now you have children and the skies are bluer. That EVERYTHING has changed,  that your paradigm, world, emotion, vision, values, being and psyche has shifted. Most of us think that your children are precious and a gift and are elated by their addition to this world and our lives as well!

PLEASE DON’T talk down to those of us who don’t have children as if we are lesser mortals. Please don’t…

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