You Know You’re the Mom of a Newborn When…

**Inspired by true events from real Mamas**

10. It’s 1:30 pm and you still haven’t taken a shower.

9. You overhear the grocery clerk saying they’re “tired” and you let out an explosive laugh.

8. Your new idea of a “Spa Day” is shaving your legs.

7. You fantasize about setting your once beloved canine friend out into the “wild.”

6. You can devour a plate of food in less than 2 minutes.

5. The “messy bun” is your perpetual hairstyle.

4. Someone asks you what time you woke up this morning, you stop to think which time you should respond with.

3. Your bed sheets/pillows/every top you own smells like breast milk.

2. You see a beaming pregnant woman and wonder if you should congratulate her or tell her the truth.

1. You realize that everything you’ve done up to this point was practically meaningless and that your heart is now as big as a grapefruit because a tiny little person just smiled right at you.



7 thoughts on “You Know You’re the Mom of a Newborn When…

  1. hilarious and so true! my little one is 17 months, and i can still relate to all of these. i beat me to the punch with all these honest confessions. i’ve been meaning to blog about all the un-glamourous moments of being a SAHM (with a baby who struggled for 6 months with severe colic/reflux)….but, it’s good to be able to laugh about those challenging times. it’s not easy (motherhood), but worth it 1,000 times over πŸ™‚


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