A New Year’s Resolution for Mamas (and Papas too)

Here’s just a quick thought for you mamas and papas out there… I was brought to tears by this short list provided by API. I may be Reclaiming myself  in 2013 but part of that reclamation will be to integrate the new Mama parts in with the old Jaclyn parts. This is the kind of Mama I want to be:

Resolving in 2013:
1) When my child tantrums this is my signal to understand
2) When my child cries this is my signal to soothe
3) When my child is disrespectful this is my signal to teach
4) When my child is dependent this is my signal to be a rock
5) When my child is independent this is my signal to revel
6) When my child fails this is my signal to have perspective
7) When my child succeeds this is my signal to be grounded
8) When my child fears this is my signal to empathize
9) When my child is present this is my signal to be attuned
10) When my child is absent this is my signal to live fully

Thank you to Shefali Tasbary for sharing these New Year’s Resolutions.

This short video from TEDxSF says it all, please take a minute to watch it, it just may rock your world and give you some perspective for 2013:


That video pretty much sums up my decision to become a stay-at-home mom after receiving my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Once I learned how powerful my parental influence would be on our kids, I realized that I just couldn’t give motherhood my all if I was also focusing on building my career. Kind of ironic that I spent all that money on my degree but it really just made me want to be an amazing mom! I hope that regardless of your situation, you understand the enormous impact you have on the future of our world just by being a loving parent. It’s harder than we think to accomplish this because, like Shefali Tsabary, says in the video, we all have baggage form our own childhoods. If you would like to learn more about that and how to stop it from being passed down to your kids, check out this awesome book: Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel Siegel. It’s a really easy read and just may prevent you from doing the very things you swore you’d never do to your kids! 😉

Best Parenting Book EVER!! (In my humble opinion)
Best Parenting Book EVER!! (In my humble opinion)

So, in 2013, I hope all of you awesome parents take a rest when needed so that you can step-up when needed. We have the power to mold the future of our world (sounds lame, but it’s so true), don’t take it lightly.


3 thoughts on “A New Year’s Resolution for Mamas (and Papas too)

  1. Thanks to you and Caleb, my new year’s resolution is to spend as much time with my Grandson as possible, which has made me have to slow down. Which has made me reflect on how much multi-tasking I do and whether that is impeding my enjoyment of life. I have a completely wonderful life – a loving husband, a healthy and loving mother, I live in a beautiful place, love my job, love my house, feel in close relationship with my favorite cousin and sister, and get to enjoy watching my daughter be a fabulous mother. Add this to the opportunity to be a resource and font of love for a new little person that has the genes of my favorite young woman and her awesome husband, and who could complain? Blessings all around.


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