Luca Meets His Pony

That’s right, my kid actually got a pony for Christmas. Ok, well, here’s the thing. My sister, Marqui, and her boyfriend, Aaron, have a ranch. So when Marqui learned that she was going to be an auntie, it was only natural that she’d get a pony for her new nephew. And I thought I was crunchy. Visiting my sister on the ranch was like putting my crunchiness to shame. Here’s the view in front of their house…


Yep, those are cows. It was so nice being out in the country, the fresh air really is invigorating.

So before we got to meet Luca’s pony, my sister took us on a little tour of the place…

Meet Ponet, pronounced Po-nay like Monet. This isn’t Luca’s pony but one that my sister is boarding for another owner.


Next we went into the barn and met Romeo, another horse being boarded there…


The whole time Marqui’s puppy, Nita, a lab/border collie mix, followed us around the place. She was so cute, it made me wish our dogs had that kind of space. She was in heaven…


Then we finally got to meet Cowboy, Luca’s pony!


Check it out, he actually has a little heart on his coat!


Then we finished up our tour by checking-out the chicken coup. This is my sister’s favorite one…


Nita gave Luca kisses goodbye and we were on our way! I think she may have been a little intense for him, haha!


I can’t wait until Luca is older and can really appreciate the awesome place my sister has… And of course, ride Cowboy! Oh, I almost forgot to show you his little Rancher outfit! Marqui and Aaron got him this perfect onesie for Christmas so that he’d be ready to hang with them…

Luca with His Pick 'Em Up Truck Onesie!
Luca with His Pick ‘Em Up Truck Onesie!

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