Beating the Holiday Let-Down

Happy Day After Christmas!! I always get a little down when the holidays are over. I feel the same way after my birthday. There’s so much planning and anticipation for the holidays though, so it’s even worse. How about you? Anyone else feel me on this one? Well, I was on Facebook earlier and Attachment Parenting International (API) posted something about how to overcome the “holiday let-down.” So I guess I know I’m not the only one! But this year is even more difficult than most, for me anyway. I still haven’t forgotten what happened in Connecticut a few weeks ago, I don’t think anyone had forgotten but I’m guessing most of us were distracted over the holiday. Well, reality is about to hit us all full force very shortly. The whole “fiscal cliff” drama is about to unfold and Obama will be dealing with mental health issues and gun control. So how do we stay positive now that the holiday is over and we can’t distract ourselves anymore?

API suggests planning a fun family experience like a movie night or a new year picnic. Caleb and I have decided to go on dates more frequently. I’m also looking forward to working-out again now that I have the go-ahead from my midwife. Zumba here I come!!! Don’t hate. Anyway, I don’t think it really matters what we choose to do but rather that we are intentional about it. What will you and your family do to seek joy this post-holiday season?

Merry Christmas from Luca Boy!!
Merry Christmas from Luca Boy!!

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