Crunchy Christmas Gift Shopping, part 1

**I started this on Nov. 5th, before things got a little more interesting around the Snyder household! I will add some more ideas as I can :)**

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s November. I don’t know about you but, as much as I love Thanksgiving, I can’t help but feel a sort of looming presence over my head. Christmas shopping. Every year I stress about getting everyone the perfect gifts which is so hard because it seems like most people on my list either have everything they need or they really could just buy it for themselves if they really wanted to. Crunchy rant coming, consider yourself warned… We live in a rich country, if you are in the US, you’re rich compared to the rest of the world. It seems kind of silly for a bunch of rich people to just be exchanging a bunch of gifts with other rich people. There has to be another way to show our affection for one another. Ok, stepping off soap box now. I was thinking that it would be cool to share some awesome gift options that will not only delight the recipient but will also help others who are in need. You know, the whole “Christmas Spirit” thing. So here are some gift ideas for you and yours, I hope you find them helpful!

For the Kids

“Karthy” : Autism

1. Kauzbots- Each of these adorable stuffed robots has its own cause or “Kauz” that the proceeds go to. The one shown to the left is “Karthy” and his cause is autism. Each bot is about $25. Some other causes include: breast cancer, AIDS, child homelessness, environment, hunger & poverty, pediatric cancer, refugees, and more. There are also t-shirts and keychains available for the older kids. Learn more about them here.

For the Gals

Petunia & Twilight

2. 31 Bits- This company has beautiful jewelry that is handmade by women in Gulu, Uganda who are a part of a program developed by 31 bits. The program helps the women earn appropriate wages, achieve access to education and more. Each piece varies in price. The necklace to the left is $38.

For the Gents

Cascade Scarf

3. Crochet Kids– Truly, this company has stuff for women too, but I really like their dude stuff. The image shown here highlights a scarf but they are more known for their crocheted hats. They also have t-shirts, crocheted bow-ties (seriously!) and other cool stuff. This organization helps women in Uganda and Peru by providing a work program for them. The scarf shown is $35.95.


Do you know of any other awesome gift ideas that give back? Please post them in the comments section!


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