The Results Are In!

Alright guys, after much debating and nail-biting, I will announce the winner of the gender poll! Now, sadly, like our voting system here in the US, there is an electoral college so truly the popular vote doesn’t have the last say. And in this case the electoral college consists of one very small yet very influential figure, Baby Boo! So, keep in mind that the results are pending until we get the verdict from Boo.


BOY 59%

GIRL 41%

So it seems that most of you think we’re going to have a little dude! Given the fact that we can’t for the life of us, come up with a girl’s name, it would be somewhat relieving to have  a boy but I’m sure our daughter’s name would come to us when we meet her!

As of last night, I have been having some contractions and with our due date being tomorrow, there’s a very good chance that there will be a gender reveal soon! Keep posted and keep us in your prayers. Per our birth class teacher’s advice, we will be treating tomorrow as a date night…NOT a due date! She said this can help relieve some of the disappointment that often accompanies a passed due date. Admittedly, I’m cool with the baby holding off for a couple of days because I’m still battling the remnants of a cold. Labor plus a cold is probably not ideal. Not to mention, that although mine is on its way out, Caleb thinks he may be coming down with it, ugh.

On that note, I heard a lot of people are being struck with colds lately so I thought I’d share some awesome (and crunchy) sites that have remedies:

If you have any other resources or remedies PLEASE (I’m begging you) leave them in the comments section! Well, good luck to you all. I hope this helps! And please remember to keep my lil’ family in your prayers. Thank you =)


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