The Waiting Game

So last night I thought for SURE I was going into labor. I woke-up at 3am with a contraction and was unable to go back to sleep. So, I got up, ate some oatmeal, drank some water, and tried to stay very calm. I began to feel sleepy so I decided to try and get some rest. Surprisingly, I fell into a deep sleep. Then, this morning I continued to have contraction-ish feelings. I did what everyone told me to do. I didn’t panic or get too excited. I called a girlfriend and we walked around the mall. The whole time I was using my trusty iPhone app “iSprout” to help me time the contractions. It seemed like this was really it… sort of. The problem was, the contractions were never getting very intense and they weren’t really getting closer together either. Finally I called my doula. Can I just say I love my doula? She is the sweetest. She suggested I drink a large glass of water and lay down for an hour. Apparently a lot of women go into false labor from dehydration. After the hour, I called her and reported that I was feeling kind of nauseas and still feeling some crampiness. At this point, it was 4pm. She recommended that I “hibernate” for the rest of the evening in hopes that if I am in labor, I will get some much needed rest before the big show. You see, the number one reason for home birthers transferring to the hospital is mama exhaustion. I need to have my rest before labor really begins so that I don’t set myself up for that scenario.

Needless to say, after all this, I’m super bummed. We were going to have a Date Night at Disneyland but now I’m nervous to go because I should be “hibernating.” Lame. No baby or Date Night… Caleb thinks we should still go. I think we might. I don’t want to put life on hold for a false alarm, especially when our Date Nights are numbered at this point. But I just can’t shake these feelings of disappointment and eagerness. What helps you sit in the Waiting Game?? I need some patience and could use some suggestions right now!


5 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Did you still go? 🙂 I have no suggestions because I still have a few more weeks to go, but I’m hoping you don’t have to wait long!


  2. I still went out and about but took it easy at the places we went. Stopped and had coffee at Main Street or rode small world 5 times in a row. Did a lot of resting in between at home but short spurts out.


  3. So here’s the update regarding this post… We didn’t go to Disneyland because I was pretty tired after walking all day, lol. Caleb suggested we go to our favorite pizza place and rent a couple movies instead. It was so nice to just spend time together 🙂


  4. I’m sorry that your births were so much more tehainccl and difficult than you wanted. From the little I know about you (because I’m a relatively new reader) you deserved to have a great natural experience. What is it about birth stories that are so compelling? Do you think it’s just women or even just women who have given birth that are fascinated? I know I read this with deep interest and rapt attention.


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