Another Blog…

Yes, it’s another blog written by a stay-at-home mom (though, technically I haven’t had my kid yet) who likes to craft and let’s face it, is kinda crunchy. That’s right, I’m into health and social activism. I guess that makes me crunchy, I’m not really sure. BUT I also wear make-up and not just the organic kind that smells weird from Whole Foods. Sometimes I research where my clothes, food, etc. are coming from… sometimes I don’t. Honestly, I sort of feel like all this crunchiness can get a little out of hand.

When we discovered I was pregnant, my husband and I decided to have a home-birth through a midwife, that can be a whole post in and of itself but let me just say, that midwives are pretty crunchy. I was immediately told to not eat any processed foods. That means, I was informed, “ANYTHING that comes out of a package,” would be no bueno. I’m sitting there thinking, “Apparently you’ve never been to Trader Joe’s.” My favorite meals to make are ones that come out of a Trader Joe’s (or Giotto’s, or Jose’s, or whatever) package. They taste amazing and my husband always seems so impressed. You can even combine different packaged foods or if you’re feeling really fancy, chop up some fresh herbs and sprinkle them on top. Wife of the Year goes to ME. So anyway, when I was told that I shouldn’t have anything processed, I was in somewhat of a panic.

So I got bold, I tried shopping at Whole Foods…I get now why some call it, “Whole Paycheck.” I tried this eMeals thing that my husband thought would be so amazing… “Look Honey, it gives you a list of ingredients to buy and even prints out coupons for you!” Yeah, too bad it still took our “Whole Paycheck.” Not to mention, as the pregnancy caused me to get bigger and the weather got hotter, the last thing I felt like doing was cooking an elaborate meal. So, then I thought maybe I would go back to my beloved Trader Joe’s and see if I could at least find some organic packaged meals and decent produce. Well, the produce didn’t really seem to be what we were looking for, and by that I mean it was overpriced and not good. So, now what to do? I go to Trader Joe’s and get some packaged meals. I also throw in some unprepared meats (only organic, grass fed, free range, etc… of course) and then go to another store that boasts local produce. Problem solved. Sure I feel a little guilty going against doctor’s orders sometimes but seriously, being “healthy” needs to include our mental health too right? Well, that’s how I justify it anyway…


5 thoughts on “Another Blog…

  1. Haha, “Whole Paycheck”!!! I’ve never heard that but it’s SO true!! Friend, this post is so amazing and I’m super excited for all of your new adventures!!! 😀 And I can’t wait to read your next post!! I love you mucho!!! 😀 PS: Can’t wait for other people to see your mad card-making skills of which I bow to your awesomeness. ;D


  2. Nicely done! I hear ya regarding the no processed foods. I still have nightmares about my midwife (who I absolutely love and am so grateful for) telling me that my Subway sandwich was “suboptimal.” You are doing great and I can’t wait to meet your little “boo!!”


  3. I love you Jaclyn and I am so excited you started a blog. Once the little one is here you will love having this space even more that you already do. I think you are just the person to share about bring “crunchy” while still being loving… you know for those of us readers who besides driving a Subaru are so so far from crunchy. =) I’m excited to follow you on this new writing adventure. xoxo


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