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Crunchy Confessions

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So I just took a “How Crunchy Are You?” quiz from Mama Natural and I am disappointed to report that this was my result:



I mean come on, I’ve been “Kinda Crunchy” for almost two years now and I haven’t even made it past “Newbie” status?? I’m sad.

Buuuuut…. Reality is, I have some crunchy confessions to make.

If something is on sale and I mean, it’s like a really good deal, I’ll buy it even if it’s not organic. UNLESS it’s in the dirty dozen… but usually, I just can’t pass up a really good deal, it’s torture. This goes for pretty much anything, not just produce. I’ll buy the super soft non-recycled toilet paper. I do feel kind of bad about that, but it’s so soft.

And as for beauty products… Oy. I’ve tried to convert to the all-natural, all-organic stuff but it’s either really expensive or it doesn’t work or both. My hair looked like I put mayo in it the last time I used an all natural conditioner. Not cute. Unless you’re married to Oscar Meyer, that’s not going to fly.

Now, in my defense, I have really crunched-up in other ways. My husband can attest to the fact that we’ve had recycled toilet paper (“Why does our tp look like the kind from my Elementary School?”) and I am now a huge fan of essential oils (aka “White Witchcraft”). So while I may not grow my own food and go out in public sans shoes, I think I’ve become a little more than Kinda Crunchy.

What about you? How do you fare on Mama Natural’s quiz?


Feeding Carnivores: Vegan Meals That Will Please Meat Eaters

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I get asked all of the time, “So, what do you eat?” I totally get it. Before we started cooking vegan, I had no idea how people went without eating meat. I just assumed that vegans made the same meals but with soy-meat-replacements… That didn’t really sound that appealing. Honestly, it still doesn’t. (Although, there are some very yummy meat-replacements, not gonna lie.)

There are some big football games coming-up and if you find yourself hosting, you’re going to want to have something nice and tasty right? So, what does an herbivore do when we are expecting Meat Eater company? How can you make sure these people will not leave hungry??

Fear not! Here are some tested recipes that are sure to delight the bellies of even the most hard core carnivore!

1. Black Bean & Spinach Enchiladas- Now, this recipe isn’t vegan but it’s very easy to make it

From "The Garden Grazer"

From “The Garden Grazer”

so. Simply replace the shredded cheese that goes in the filling with Tofutti “Better Than Cream Cheese” (which totally lives up to it’s name btw) and the shredded cheese topping with Daiya shredded Pepper Jack cheese. I also make a box of spanish rice and include that with the filling. These enchiladas are our number one favorite recipe. Serve with chips and guac and your guests will be very full!


From “50 Shades of Green”

2. Rosemary Sweet Potato & Quinoa Burgers- Just trust me on this one, these are AMAZING! One of my friends likes to make them as sliders and she said they were really fun and still delicious. Sliders would be an awesome choice if you were feeding friends for a game. Don’t skip the searing the buns step and make sure you have avocado to top them with. Follow this recipe to the “t” and you won’t regret it. Serve with a side of fries and enjoy!

3. Vegan Tortilla Soup- It’s hard to go wrong with a good hearty soup. This one is bursting

From "Oh She Glows"

From “Oh She Glows”

with flavor and very filling. Again, make sure to take her advice on the garnishes, they really makes the dish complete!

Well, I hope this is a good starting place for you! I’ll post some more later as my list gets longer. Please add any recipes you might know of in the comments section so the other readers can benefit! Thanks!

Crunchy Mama Fun

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Vegan Unicorns?? Bahaha!!!

Vegan Unicorns?? Bahaha!!!

Perhaps you need a little chuckle today in the midst of holiday madness?? This will do the trick for ya!

You read my blog so I’m guessing that you are either a family member and feel obligated to do so or you are kinda crunchy yourself. Either way, you’ve got to check this out.

Have you ever wondered just how crunchy you really are? Maybe you’ve had horrifying moments that have led you to question whether you’re even crunchy at all! Well, now your questions will be answered FOREVER.

My friend posted a hilarious quiz that she found on the website “Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.” This quiz will help you to determine your crunchiness in a very scientific way. So go ahead, take the quiz. Then share your Crunch Score with pride!


PS In case you were wondering, I’m a TOPAZ ;-)



Crunchy People Problems: Grocery Shopping

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Trader Joe's interior in Union Square in New Y...

Trader Joe’s interior in Union Square in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’ve ventured into the world of Crunchdom, I’ve become more and more informed about the realities of food. In fact, I’ve become so informed that at times I find myself paralyzed in the grocery store… not knowing which crunchy-position to appeal to. For example…

- When confronted with the choice between organic apples or locally grown apples, which is the right?

- Or how about salmon? Dr. Sears says we should eat lots of salmon… Animal rights advocates frown upon the way they are caught. Do I murder salmon or decrease my chances of cancer? It’s difficult to say… Read the rest of this entry

The Great Cloth Diapering UpStash of 2013

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This post may be perceived as a cry for help… I don’t know that could proclaim that it isn’t. Friends, I have been sucked into the whirlwind that is all about increasing my cloth diaper stash. If you’re not a cloth diapering Mama, I KNOW you can relate here… Remember that feeling you had when you were pregnant and you HAD TO HAVE ____________? And if you didn’t have _____________ you would be a horrible mother who couldn’t provide for her child. Whether it was the right stroller, the right carseat, or maybe the nursery had to be perfect… Whatever it was, I think all moms have their “thing” that has to be done so that they can feel “ready” for the baby to come. Some call it “nesting,” I call it Pregnancy Induced Mania. Well, apparently, those feelings don’t always end after the baby comes. At least for me anyway…

I thought I was good. I hadn’t obsessed or stressed about anything really since Luca was born. And then THIS. An article found by GroVia co-founder, Kim Orsby, that had me totally freaked-out. You see, I haven’t really been following the Cloth Diapering Rule Book. I’m not really a rule-follower in general so this isn’t a shocker but, if there’s one think I love about my baby’s bowel movements, it’s that I get to buy cloth diapers to contain them. I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERS. They’re cute, they’re thrifty, they protect the environment and they prevent diaper rash (and they’re super cute, did I mention that?). So, this is an area where I want to follow the rules because I want his diapers to stay nice. Well, one of the rules I was not following was to have a big enough stash. I should have about 40 diapers… I’ve been sliding by with about 15. Oops.

So now I’m obsessed. I’ve been scouring craigslist, FB cloth diapering groups, etc. just trying to find the best deal so that I can increase our stash without forking over too much dough. One of the cons of cloth diapering is that, while it will save you money in the long run, they cost you more upfront. Being that Caleb and I are on a “gazelle-like” savings plan to buy a house (see Dave Ramsey), we aren’t going to put 200 bucks into cloth diapering right now. In other words, I need to be patient. We have money that is budgeted for Luca every month. The money will be there to buy cloth diapers, I just have to build it slowly and not all at once as I’d like to.  Read the rest of this entry

Great Resources for Cloth Diapering

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For those of you who are just venturing into the cloth-diapering world, I know it can seem a little daunting. Fear not! There are many who have charted these waters before you and have left us newbies some awesome tips and tricks. Here are some of the most helpful resources I’ve found so far:

Cloth Diaper Terminology: Here’s a great chart from Bumrite Diapers that explains the difference between the types of cloth diapers.

Read the rest of this entry

Crunchy People Problems

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Français : Crunchy de composition (flocons d'a...

Granola… A Metaphor for Life? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes it’s hard being crunchy…


10. The package clearly says to rinse quinoa before cooking… who on earth has a colander with small enough holes to achieve this??


9. Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free brownies really just aren’t the same.


8. I keep trying to switch over to natural deodorant but I can’t… who wants the smell of BO with the hint of lavender hovering around them all day? Read the rest of this entry

4 Ingredients: Roasted Curried Yams

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Delicious and So Easy!

Hey Friends! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was full of summertime fun and good food. Here’s a delicious new concoction that was very easy to make AND it’s also vegan! The yams were slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I used minimal spices and oil but you can always use more if you’d prefer.

 4 Ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 TBL Coconut Oil
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • 1 tsp Curry Powder
  • 3/4 Pound Sweet Potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces (about 2 cups)

4 Steps

Preheat oven to 450°F.

1. In a small oven-safe pan melt coconut oil over medium heat.

2. Stir in curry powder and salt and pepper to taste.

3. Add potatoes to the coconut oil mixture until yams have been coated and are slightly browned. (About 5-10 minutes)

4. Roast in oven, shaking pan occasionally, until golden and tender, 15 to 20 minutes

There you have it! A simple recipe with a kick! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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June: It Was All About the Food

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As you may or may not have read, we needed a little detox after our vacation to Minnesota last month. What evolved from the “cleanse” was a ton of delicious recipes and a rejuvenated love for cooking. (Yay!) It started with one whole week of whole foods but now, it seems this philosophy is here to stay! At least for now, anyway. Here’s just a taste of what happened in our kitchen in June…

Zucchini Bread, I made muffins with this recipe and they were tasty!

Zucchini Bread, I made muffins with this recipe and they were tasty!

Zucchini Muffins- I always thought that I hated zucchini. No more. Among some fun new recipes I found for this popular veggie was this healthy diddy for zucchini bread. This one is brought to you by one of my new go-to blogs: 100 Days of Real Food. I made this recipe using agave nectar instead of honey. I would recommend using a little more salt than what she calls for but other than that, it was perfection!

Himalayan Salt Block- O.M.Sweet Salty Goodness… This is so awesome! We used our new

You can cook or serve many different foods on these.

You can cook or serve many different foods on these.

salt block to make a delicious salmon recipe that was very simple to throw together. You can find salt blocks online (although I’m sure the shipping would be atrocious) or you can find them at specialty cooking stores. We bought ours at a restaurant supply store. I can’t wait to use it again, we should have fun trying all of the different options it provides.

Read the rest of this entry

Natural Remedies for Baby Colds: Tips from the Tribe

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You’ve probably heard me talk about my Mama Tribe. The tribe consists of a few awesome Mamas who all gave birth around the same time as I did. I’m pretty sure they were sent by God as evidence of his love for me. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without these lovely ladies! For example, this week, when Luca came down with his first cold, who did I turn to for advice? The Mama Tribe. They all had wonderful advice (and empathy!). Here’s what they had to say….

 Lindy: That’s such a bummer Jaclyn! Remember, mama makes the best medicine – nurse, nurse, nurse! Also try running a humidifier. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!
 Laura: Poor boo, like I said in your other post, if it gets bad sleep sitting propped up with him in your moby so you can sleep as well with out “holding” him and it will help his nose drain. There really isnt much you can do when they are so little. LIke Lindy said nurse nurse nurse. Use a humidifier or steamy bathroom and saline and suction on his nose. Hylands makes tiny cold tablets and I used my essential oils with Addie and she was on the mend in a very short amount of time. Read the rest of this entry

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