The Twenty-One

21 Egyptian Christians Murdered
21 Egyptian Christians Murdered

I’m horrible at writing about relevant events right after they’ve happened. Surely this post should have been delivered two days ago but I just wasn’t ready yet. In my limited thirty-one-year-old wisdom I have learned myself and I have learned that time is better for my words. The words that begged to be shared two days ago are more akin to your pile of laundry than poetry.

Not that I am a poet. But God willing, I hope that my words are valuable.

My heart doesn’t do well with tragedy. My mind doesn’t help. Scenarios flash of the loved ones involved. The phone calls to the victims’ families. The dread of watching your beloved fall victim to pure evil. Innocence lost.

My mind is reeling around what to write about such a sick and twisted event. Do I go political with this? God knows about my temptation to throw my laptop after hearing Fox News’ outtake on the event. Perhaps political isn’t the way to go. Maybe psychology then? Let’s talk about sociopathy. Let’s talk about what drives people to such extremism. That doesn’t feel right either.

So I’ll talk about you. You are probably more interesting than those topics anyway. How do you handle hearing about events such as this? Fall your face to your hands, turn away in despair? Shrug your shoulders and proceed on? Pray? Maybe you’re like me and you feel a tornado of anger swell up within. Wanting answers. Wanting the only answer to: How do we stop this?

As Christians, we know that the world isn’t doomed to get any better until it gets worse. This is destiny. Yet, we live in the paradox of our faith which calls us to bringing Heaven to Earth. We  were made by a just God and therefore long for justice.

We stop this by YOU stopping this. That’s the only way. We can’t do this without you. You must follow your calling to bring Heaven down here. You mustn’t stop until you must. We are called to this. We are called to bring love and reconciliation and peace and justice.

Someone (I’m not getting political so I won’t specify whom)  said that the answer to this problem of ISIS is to address the root of the problem. Why do people join terrorist groups? Why do people join gangs? Why do bullies exist? These are humans, heart-beating, lungs-filling type people. They are flesh and blood. They are not cannibalistic animals born to destroy. They are we.

I don’t know how you’ll stop this. Only you know that. Only you know the specific ways in which God has called you to bring your piece of Heaven down. Maybe it doesn’t even seem related. Maybe it seems insignificant.

Nothing of Christ is insignificant.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what significance He has for you. Pray that this Lent season will bring you closer to Him and Heaven closer to Earth. Pray.



This is Where I Live


We always want what is slipping through our fingers or what has already fallen from our hands. That’s what they say. Is this true for you?

I find that I always appreciate things more when I realize they are coming to pass. I’m working on that.

In this vein, I share with you a tiny glimpse of my life here in Spring Branch, Texas. It’s the first time I’ve lived in the country and I have really come to love this time in wide open space. It’s about to end soon as we move into our new place closer to Austin. I’m really going to miss the beauty of this place.


Canyon lake, with its crystal blue waters and limestone shores. It is breathtaking.


There’s even a park next to the lake that Luca loves. More than he loves his picture being taken.




Driving to my in-laws house you will see deer, goats, and more. My favorite are the long horns.






IMG_0131 IMG_0132







We don’t always have to know what we got ’til it’s gone. We we take a moment each day to appreciate what we have, it’s there, right in our hands.

Happy Friday Friends! Enjoy your loved ones this weekend!

I Moved to Texas and YOU CAN TOO!!

“I don’t think I could have done it.” Says one of my dear Cali friends. “Done what?” I ask her, confused. “I don’t think I could have followed my husband like that…leave all of my friends and the beach and everything, I just couldn’t do it.” I laughed. I didn’t think I could do it either. Trust me, I’m no picture of wifely submission.

It’s been about a month since we first set foot on Texas soil. I can’t believe how fast that month has passed. What I can’t believe more is how God has provided for us in these trying days. But then, why is it so surprising?

A little over a year ago, God made a promise to me. He promised me that we would be moving to Texas to be a part of congregation there. He filled me with joy and excitement but mostly with His peace. As time wore on, so did my trust. First, I began to doubt that we were going to move. Then, when I knew we were, I began to doubt that He would take care of us. I feared loneliness most of all.

Fun at Zilker Park with new friends <3

But let me tell you. God has blown that fear out of the water. I’m not even doing
anything to deserve this you guys. I’m not praying as much as I “should be.” I’m not in the Word like I wish I was. I’m just barely hanging on. But he’s like, “It’s cool, I got this.” And He SO does.

He has blessed (I am not using that word lightly) me with the gift of friends (!already!) that I feel deeply connected to. He has provided a peace every single time I step into our church sanctuary. The congregation has welcomed us with enthusiasm, I hate to admit that is a rarity.

Now that’s just part of it. God is SO crazy good that He has also provided the selling of our home in Cali with no hiccups (SHOCKING considering there is a house across the street that has been for sale for about 6 months). Oh, and it seems that we have found the perfect home to settle into as well. That house sale will close on the 24th of February if it’s part of His plan. I just can’t believe this. Again, why am I surprised?? I have no idea. He has never once let me down and He has ALWAYS kept His promises.

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